Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 378 (January 18 – 24)

In our new digest modularization of iOS applications and integration with Siri, removal of non-removable applications and a Kotlin style guide, vulnerabilities and island rendering, 10,000 servers and visual optimization of application pages in 2021. All this and much more in our new collection!

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Badoo iOS app modularization: dealing with the consequences
How we integrated Yandex.Music with Siri. Yandex report
Come on, grouped, or how to separate photos of cats from utility bills
Vivid UI
Making your own Widget in iOS 14
iPhone 6s and SE will not be able to work with iOS 15

Bloomberg: Apple is working on a VR headset and is going to present it in 2022

Build and deploy an iOS app using Github Actions and Fastlane

How 7 iOS Apps Can Save 500 MB of Disk Space

Best Swift and iOS Developer Interview Questions in 2021

Why learn SwiftUI in 2021?

Fast iOS / macOS localization with Google Translate Assistant

Holiday Snow iOS App

Meet the App Clip Codes

Porting Firefox to Apple Silicon

BottomSheet: “bottom sheet” in SwiftUI

Dovve: Twitter clone


How to remove “non-removable” applications from your smartphone
How Google Play shattered expectations. Experience in creating a game on Android. 2 months of development. Renouncement. Admob temporary ban
Interview with Senior Android Developer Spotify Slava Savitsky
Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – Cooking Right, Part # 3 (read / write)
Just changing the model of the Android device emulator
Kotlin Style Guide for Android Developers (Part II) and (Part I)
Divide and Conquer: Navigation Component in a Multi-Module Project
Ok Google, AIDL guide
Android Broadcast News # 0

Google services will return to Honor smartphones

Google Play started to show a rise or fall in rankings

Quickstart: A guide to automated testing for an Android developer. JVM

How to Create a Realistic Interface with Jetpack Compose

MotionLayout is an easy way to create complex animations

MVI architecture with Kotlin Flows and Channels

Best Practices for Using ViewModels in Android

Working with Firebase Realtime Database with Kotlin coroutines

Google Recommended Architecture Guide for Android Apps

Android Coroutine Guide: An Introduction

Flutter: Ensuring OS Compatibility at Large Scale

The Complete Guide to Sending Push Notifications on Android Using Firebase

Finch: debug menu for Android

Skelly: download skeletons for Android


Top 10 mobile application vulnerabilities and how to fix them
Developing an effective mashup app
Rendering an island from Moana in less than 10,000 lines of Swift code
ALT CITY: Online. How I Single-handedly Created GTA Online for Mobile. Part 2
What is event architecture

40 and still a developer?

10 interesting APIs for your next project

Interview tasks: 10,000 servers

5 things I learned at LEGO

How to become a better developer every day

Multilingual User Interface Design Lessons

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Mobile App Developers in 2021

15,000 database connections to less than 100

How to create cool animations for any interface

My experience of building a Flutter application using @protocol

How I set up my lab with devices

PMI: Please Remove Scrum

16 tools to improve programming productivity you can use even if you are not a programmer

Emotion Detection on Mobile and IoT Devices with TensorFlow Lite

Multiplatform Compose: Jetpack Compose for Android and iOS

Analytics, marketing and monetization

How to localize a video about a game
Localization and Internationalization Testing Guide, and a large and useful checklist
AppMetrica learned to build “funnels”

Beeper brings together 15 other messengers, including iMessage

Glose: Social Book Reading

Citrix acquires Wrike

Visual optimization of app pages: trends 2021

User Acquisition Guide from Adjust and ironSource

Cure.fit bought Onyx for AI workout monitoring

DataDarvin and myTarget Automate O2O Marketing

Coalition for Safe Internet demanded to remove Telegram from app stores

Shadow: Find Lost Dogs

How to prepare your app for a Facebook ad campaign

Guide to design an app page in the App Store and Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

Espressif IoT Development Framework: 71 Shots in the Leg
Smart pill dispenser or my first IoT experience
Automotive Ethernet: Marvell bets on Gbit Ethernet PHY with MACsec support
Podlodka # 199: game AI

Raspberry Pi Foundation Releases Their Own $ 4 Microcontroller

LEGO Sorting Machine on Raspberry Pi

Amazon empowered brands to create their own voice assistants

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