Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 377 (January 11 – 17)

In the first digest of the new year, chats on websockets, the transition from 1C to Android, writing a game in a month and mobile game trends, application market revenues and useful tools. This and much more in our new collection!

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Create Swift Package based on C ++ library
Telegram launches iOS developer competition

Apple Car will be made together with Hyundai

Efficient Auto Layout Programmatic Creation in Swift

Tinder without gestures using hand position estimation in iOS 14

How to integrate Combine with SwiftUI to make apps better

Higher order functions in Swift

SwiftUI + GraphQL = Love

10 helpful tips for writing cleaner Swift and SwiftUI code

IQListKit: tables and collections without dataSource

UIKitPlus: declarative UIKit

Biser Alert: “sugar” for UIAlertController


Chats on websockets when on the WAMP backend. Now about Android
From 1C to Android development: my experience of moving inside Lamoda
How to painlessly migrate from RxJava to Kotlin Coroutines + Flow
Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – cooking correctly, part # 2 (connecting / disconnecting)
Android Dev Podcast # 117. Development of Android firmware

Don’t be afraid of Scoped Storage

Android: spoofing system dialogs and memory leaks

How to implement updates in an Android app using Kotlin

Animations in Jetpack Compose)
The 8 best things to do in Android development in 2020

The biggest Android modularity mistake and how to fix it

Network boot with Kotlin coroutines

Designing and Testing State Rendering Logic in Android

How I joined the Google Developers Experts Program

How I Made a Simple Currency Converter App – Using Recommended Android Templates and Architecture

Improving UI performance by asynchronously loading RecyclerView layout

SwipeDismissImage: managing images

Finances: the best in Android development


PWA development with support for face and voice recognition
How to write a game in a month without being distracted from your main work
Let’s talk about gradients in Unity
Mom, I’m a hacker: trying to open a Flutter application
Gravity room in Unity 3D
My top useful tools for a Unity developer
The saga of mobile design. Part 1
Xamarin.Forms 5.0 is here, already available
Podlodka # 198: quit IT

Launch Tomorrow: Development at Uber. How to manage 15 million trips a day

Radio QA # 65: About Test IT

No-code Webflow platform raises $ 140 million on a $ 2.1 billion valuation.

Duolingo: 1% improvement every week

App design examples for inspiration # 28

Why can food practices kill your product?

How to choose the right database for your application

Here offers accurate 3D city models

What is Dependency Injection and how can I use it in development?

Python named Programming Language of the Year by TIOBE 2021

The art of onboarding. Exploring onboarding strategies for the largest consumer apps

Augmented Reality Sudoku Solver with WebAssembly

5 laws every software developer should know

Uploading a file to Flutter using Multer, Node.js and MongoDB

Your legacy database has outgrown itself

The Ultimate Guide to AWS Serverless Database – DynamoDB

How every day becomes a better developer

Flutter notifications and alerts

3 habits to help you become a better developer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Newzoo: 5 Trends for Mobile Games 2021

App Annie: In 2020, users spent $ 143 billion on mobile

Mobile marketers: Artem Krasnenkov (SberMarket)

Telegram took the second place in downloadability in the USA

IronSource buys Soomla

News Break: interest in local

Europeans spend on apps up 31% in 2020

Consumer spending on apps in 2020 set a new record

Top 10 mobile app marketing trends of 2021 according to experts

SmartMarket Sberbank: how our app marketplace works and why we are sure that developers will like it

AI, Devices, IoT

Will robots replace programmers?
Arduino and Chinese weather station sensors
M2M and IoT are key technologies for today’s business and consumer market. M2M trends in 2021
make sense: About basic concepts of Machine Learning and AI in products

US added Xiaomi to the list of “military companies”

What language should you learn for Data Science in 2021?

10 best machine learning projects of 2020

The best frameworks for blockchain developers for 2021

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