Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 376 (December 21 – 27)

The latest edition of our digest in 2020! Exploring life without Auto Layout, creating flexible lists, dealing with Android development mistakes, looking for duplicate images and learning the basics of mobile marketing – this and much more in the new collection. Holiday greetings!

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Is there life without Auto Layout?
Apple’s 15 best apps of 2020 – and what we can learn from them
How to create flexible lists: dynamic UICollectionView overview – IGListKit
SwiftUI application in the AppStore – development difficulties
What is SwiftUI and what is its advantage?

Manage synchronous and asynchronous tasks in iOS

Creating a cross-platform application in SwiftUI

Building a Help Center for your iOS app

Why Every Swift Developer Should Use Reactive Programming

SwiftUI Application Architecture

6 Swift Extensions I Use in Every iOS Project

Easily add drawing capabilities to your iOS app with PencilKit

Creating neomorphic designs with SwiftUI

SeeMoreTextView: Extensible TextView

Motion: animation engine for iOS


How we chose the architecture of the presentation layer on a new project and made the right decision
How to identify Android devices correctly
Full text search FTS3, FTS4 and FTS5 in Android
CoinRoad: How We Made a Custom Push Notification App in Android
8 common mistakes in Android development

Jetpack Compose Basics: Lesson # 3

Reducing build times with resConfigs

How to test a custom Android View with Robolectric

More productivity with Kotlin

Android without DI

Showing download progress in Kotlin style

Android Code Review Checklist

When LiveData and Kotlin don’t work well together

Writing a fully testable Android app

Improve Android layout rendering performance by lazy loading during application launch

The State of Android Native Development, December 2020

A quick guide for developers to port apps to Android 11

Kotlin Multiplatform. Practical multithreading

TileProgressView: progress with animation

Development of

Not a button accordion: looking for duplicate images based on Milvus with the FAISS index inside
How to give gifts if you are a programmer: Alexa, WebSocket, and a mobile app
DartUP 2020: results and video recordings of reports
How we migrated user data from a native app to Flutter
Who is this Mobile DevOps of yours?
When does a QA professional become a professional in the gaming industry?
A trip to China: shoe labeling in a factory
Mobile application testing checklist
Developing an application for video processing: what to look for and what do buzzers have to do with it
Exploratory Testing: Waste of Time or Powerful Tool?
New Developer Economics Survey: What’s Next for the Development Market in 2021?

Want to be in gamedev # 17: QA profession

Podlodka # 195: algorithms and interviews

Flutter under the hood

App design: examples for inspiration # 27

How do small animations make a big impact? Study

How much does it cost to hire a Flutter developer in 2021

Striving for consistency on mobile

10 Developers You Should Follow To Improve Your Skills

Design for interactive audio

10+ Essential Flutter App Development Tools for 2021

Shopping List for Swiggy – UX Research

Running an indie application: architecture to improve performance

10 inspiring illustration styles

Top 5 mistakes I made as a Junior developer

4 worst mistakes you can make in your developer career

10 mobile UX trends for 2021

18 Ways to Improve Your Programming

Game Off 2020 Winners

Smartcat Serge: continuous localization example

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Back to Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing by Adjust

Mobile marketers: Julustan Matveev •

How the abilities work in War Robots
2020 is the year of worldwide mobility •

New messenger Honk – real-time communication for Generation Z

Telegram starts monetization

Mobile app market 2020: 10 important numbers

AutoLeap: transparent repair

Creatives in mobile advertising 2020: types, trends, approaches

Optimizing with love. How to reduce CPI 15 times using programmatic advertising. Dating.com and Bidease Case

AI, Devices, IoT

Well buy! Or using AI for recommendations
Why the evil neighbor hacker won’t wind up a smart meter for you. Security of NB-IoT from network attacks
Vulnerabilities of IoT systems using LoRaWAN as an example
IoT Christmas tree, burn!
Creating a 3D garland for a Christmas tree

Apple is preparing a car release for 2024

Google brings Baby Yoda to AR

How to start your first machine learning project

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