Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 375 (December 14 – 20)

The new digest tells about why M1 is so fast (and how fast it is), websockets and Netflix work, Flutter on isolates and rapid prototyping of IIoT solutions, social games work in mobile time and much more. Welcome!

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IOS websocket chats if you have WAMP
Apple M1 benchmarks in real development
Dive into autotesting on iOS. Part 1. How to work with the accessibilityidentifier of objects
How do we make App Clips?
AppCode 2020.3: Localization for Swift, Move to Pre-Index Definition, Improved Refactorings, and More
Why is Apple’s M1 processor so fast?

Google Stadia arrives on iOS as a web app

Facebook criticizes new Apple rules in the press

Codelabs from Apple “Developing Applications with SwiftUI”

What is Core Data and how to work with it

IOS 14.3 App Clip Codes and Data Usage Labels

SwiftUI Animations – download spinner in just 5 steps

Building a mood classifier with CreateML and SwiftUI

App Store Subscription Offer Codes

IOS interview questions for beginners and advanced developers

Why Swift Developers Don’t Need More Than MVC

Build performance analysis to speed up Xcode builds

LocalizerLint: checking localization files


Launching Netflix on TVs and set-top boxes. Extra 40 milliseconds
The evolution of the Android update system
Quickstart: A guide to automated testing for an Android developer. JVM
Smartphone wallet and offline payments: how the payment system works in the Huawei ecosystem
Busting Myths About Android Performance
Wavenote: How I Developed a Music App and Love Android
Optimization of Android application assemblies: ProGuard, D8, R8. The secrets of obfuscation
Custom ItemDecoration for RecyclerView
VirtualBox – Run Android emulator in a virtual environment for testing an Android project
Kotlin Multiplatform. We work with multithreading in practice. Part 1 and Part 2
Improving code readability with Kotlin extensions
Google shuts down Android Things

Android Broadcast: Android Notification Tips

MVVM with state tracking on configuration change

When coroutines meet Android permissions

Moving from LiveData to StateFlow

How to write better tests with JUnit 5 Android

Dagger in multi-module pure applications

KOTLIN all the way

Image carousel with RecyclerView

GraphQL-Kotlin tutorial

Jetpack Compose – before and after

Autotests on Android. Whole picture

How We Achieved 6x ANR Reduction

Improving application launch time

Effective approach to deep linking and navigation for multi-module Android apps

Onboardingflow: UI highlighting for onboarding

Pokedex-AR: Pokemon in AR


Getting rid of mystical strings in Unity’s reactive linking system
TeamCity: customizing CI / CD in your team
Flutter under the hood: Owners
Faster than native development: experience of implementing Flutter in a large company
Steps to create Vuze. The first 3D / VR shooting app with powerful video editor
How we make an insurance application for people
Flutter state on isolates
Mobile Challenge wallet: competition results and detailed analysis of solutions by the development team
Avito Design Talk Materials: Videos and Presentations
First steps with Fiddler Classic
Big Brother’s younger brother? (manage a mobile device from a computer)
Podlodka # 194: IT communities

Snap brings its technology to Unity developers

App design examples for inspiration # 26

Material Design Award Winners 2020

How NOT to bring kids apps to market

Valentin Kalinin (Head of mobile in League of Betting): Flutter is the perfect solution

Huawei releases beta of Harmony OS for developers

Appboxo Receives $ 1.1 Million To Develop A Gadget Ecosystem For All Developers

A Guide to Motion Design Principles

Guide to UI Design Trends for 2021

Stop using REST for API

How I created my first VSCode extension

How to stay a motivated developer

How Firewatch UI Improves Immersion

Developing a responsive app layout with Flutter

How I learned to manage my small development team and how can you

5 best programming languages ​​for 2021

I just realized that I am an old programmer

Pumping the application infrastructure layer

Turning a mobile camera into a real-time object detector with Flutter and TensorFlow Lite

Analytics, marketing and monetization

How we automated uploads and other ad-hoc analyst tasks with Zeppelin
Gone is the era? Prospects for social gaming in mobile time

Epic Games Store Launches First Non-Game App

Billionaire Games 2020

Zynga Mobile Games Advertising Report 2020

Mamba invests in Italy and Germany

Checkaso, one of the best ASO companies according to the App Growth Awards, on its breakthrough for the year

LOVEMOBILE # 10: Aura by IronSource

Tink: the App Store for banks

The Game Awards 2020 Winners

Testing the hypotheses of demand and product value without development

9 life hacks for working with reviews in the App Store and Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

Rapid prototype of IIoT solution based on Raspberry PI and Yandex IoT
Swift for TensorFlow: train the first model

Boston Dynamics Engineer Reveals One Job That Is Perfect For Aspiring Robotics

ML Kit SDK keeps all machine learning on the device

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