Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 374 (December 7 – 13)

This episode features an epic story of rewriting an Uber app in Swift, new AR and accessibility features, rapid development techniques and the opportunity to participate in Fuchsia development, 2020 mobile market results, a success simulator, and more.

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Faster to rewrite from scratch on new technology: how Uber was rewritten in Swift

Through the gray areas – to 4.7 stars. How we made the top iOS security app
Go OFFLINE FIRST using Core Data and Managed Document (s)
Library for working with iOS-permissions, from idea to release (part 1)
Cydia Sues Apple

WhatsApp calls App Store labeling anti-competitive

Apple is preparing new ARM processors

Invalid_grant error when authorizing via Apple ID (iOS, backend)

How Swift Developers Should Use Protocol Oriented Programming

Custom switch in iOS apps

How to write unit tests with Core Data in Swift

Understanding iOS app architectures with VIPER

How to create animated heart rate using SwiftUI

Visualizing mobile app performance with Specto

How not to look like June in an iOS coding interview

All about iOS animation

SwiftGraphQL: forget about GraphQL

ScrollViewMinimap: minimap for UIScrollView


Security droid in a parking lot, a virtual sofa in an empty room: AR capabilities in the Huawei ecosystem
Changing Runtime Permissions in Android
Easter Egg in APKs: What is Frosting
I share a small but useful plugin: Deeplink Helper for Android Studio
kotlinx.coroutines 1.4.0: Introducing StateFlow and SharedFlow
A practical guide to using Hilt with Kotlin
Look to Speak allows you to “talk” using eye movements

Jetpack Compose Basics: Lesson # 2

Ktlint: implementation practice

Connecting Bluetooth A2DP device to Android

Building a distributed platform for remote Android testing

Flappy Bird on Android Jetpack Compose

Optimizing, compressing and obfuscating your Android app

Face detection on an Android device using Google ML Kit

Continuous unit testing in Android development with Bitrise

Multi-module navigation in Android with Navigation Component

Android Views as State Function with ViewBinding

Improving Urban GPS Accuracy for Your Application

Say goodbye to Android Jetifier

Circle Menu: a circular menu for Android

Fingerprint Android: device identification

Speedometer Android: a circular indicator for Android

Development of

Accessibility Is Easy, Or The 5 Deadly Sins of Accessibility
Space: public release of the command environment from JetBrains
Connecting two mobile platforms in a single code on Unity
Four Quick Tricks for Unity3D Development
Difference between QA, QC and testing: a simple interpretation using the example of the Swiss army knife
An idea catcher, almost a hackathon, or how to quickly pump a team in Dart / Flutter
Displaying the status of complex systems on weak clients – speeding up the response
App Stability Index: Bugsnag Report

Podlodka # 193: UX Research

Qt 6.0 released

Amazon launches HealthLake – a cloud for medical data analysis

Google opens Fuchsia development to everyone

Developing developer skills

Code Review for Newbies: 8 Tips for Effective Work

App design examples for inspiration # 25

6 product design trends in 2021

GitHub Repositories to Improve Your Programming Skills

What can we expect from UX in 2021?

How to create a weather app interface with 3D illustrations

A practical guide to color theory and color palettes (using numbers)

My best development tools in 2020

5 essential properties of good product design

How Microsoft conducts automated testing. Interview with Klaus Hemstitch

Goodbye Xamarin.Forms

These modern programming languages ​​will make you suffer

How to effectively modernize a legacy application

Analytics, marketing and monetization

The phone was spying on me, so I found those using the tracking data
Analyze it: three mobile analytics systems from the eyes of digital companies
make sense: About the stages of launching features and products, metrics and the role of Product Marketing Manager

How To Succeed With Douyin, China’s # 1 Short Video Platform: A Free Ebook

User retention 2020: AppsFlyer report

App Annie: Mobile Market Results 2020

Yandex.Market Analytics added the ability to integrate with AppMetrica

Hype Simulator: Success Simulator – # 1 in the App Store

Wellory: anti-diet supplement

How to attract users to a mobile application using ASO and advertising

How to motivate the user to complete progress? – The effect of secured progress

How to localize games for Japan and South Korea

AI, Devices, IoT

Bluetooth Low Energy: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide
Internet of Things in Russian. The multichannel power of the OpenUNB base station physical layer
Seven Talented AI @ Unity 2020 Trainees Part 2
The concept of an independent infrastructure for an IIoT system based on a mesh network
The 7 Best FREE AI Courses from Ivy League Universities

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