Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 373 (November 30 – December 6)

In the new digest – the developer’s work with Apple Silicon M1, the best Google Play and App Store applications, application modularization, the beginning of the App Store Small Business Program, GitHub Actions for applications, salary increase and mobile cross-platform issues.

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(+21) Modularization of an iOS application: why and how we split Badoo into modules
(+5) How we got started with Vivid Money for iOS
(+4) Adapting UITableView for MVVM
IOS can now share subscriptions and purchases

App Store Small Business Program started accepting applications

Apple Hires Venture Investor To Improve App Store Search And Opening

Why is Apple (finally) preoccupied with detecting apps in the App Store?

Best Apps and Games in the App Store, according to Apple

Apple Silicon M1: developer’s perspective

AWS Launches Cloud from Mac mini

Welcome to the Pipedrive iOS Release Train

Reducing memory size when using UIImage

Refactoring complex iOS apps

Odyssey of a radio proximity exploit for iOS

How to avoid merge conflicts with XcodeGen

Writing the FIRST Swift Test

SupportDocs: GitHub based documentation

Toppon: Scroll-To Button for iOS


(+17) Upgrade Android project with GitHub Actions. Part 1 and Part 2
(+13) Working with a camera on the HMS platform: improving the quality of shooting and adding various modes to our applications
(+7) Selecting recylerView items using dataBinding
(+7) Drawing your own views in Android
(+6) Changing the default Android application crash dialog to its own screen
Android Broadcast: how to improve your salary?

Android Studio introduces an unfolding smartphone emulator

What is Clean Code and how you can use it in Android development

Best Android Games 2020 According to Google Play

Best Android Apps 2020 According to Google Play

Kotlin Coroutines Fundamentals for Android Development

Optimizing RecyclerView using RecycledViewPool

WebADB allows you to run ADB directly from your web browser

Learn RxJava Basics in Kotlin in 10 Minutes

How to cook 60 FPS RecyclerView?

Updating the Android testing pipeline in Dropbox

Determining Human Pose in Android Using Fritz AI

How to protect an Android application from reverse engineering

Testing with Android

Differences in collection methods for Kotlin Flows ()

8 common mistakes in Android development

Using Flow to validate forms in Android

Simple Settings: Easily create settings screens

Android RecyclerView animations in Kotlin


(+17) New face for “Honest Znak”: works of Znak Cup winners
(+13) New architecture on an old foundation, or How to update a mobile bank in a year and a half
(+10) How VTB helps to reduce the commission for accepting payments to 0.4% using a QR code
(+9) UX Case: Protection against compulsive spending in a banking application
(+8) The Chameleon we created and tamed
(+7) Mobile developer internship at Redmadrobot
(+6) Introducing Owlcat Mono Profiler for Unity
(+4) Object Oriented Design and How to Use It to Design Systems
(+3) Implementing and Optimizing a Level Generator in Unity
(+1) Reactive Programming for Game Developers: An Introduction
Podlodka # 192: mobile cross-platform

Launching Tomorrow: VR. How virtual reality is created

Google closes Poly 3D object library

App design: examples for inspiration # 24

Pragmatic CI / CD

Code review for newbies: 6 most common mistakes

Tips for designing the perfect navigation bar

What design trends will dominate the web and mobile in 2021

Glassmorphism is a new trend in interface design

How to add users to your interface

A dinosaur game from Chrome on Flutter

Stop it. Code.

Backend for mobile engineers with Kotlin and Ktor

What I would study as a new developer

Building the Airbnb Internationalization Platform

Designers, please stop presenting your work with rounded corners.

Four things I would like to know when I started programming

How to make your code reviewer like you

FigmaExport: export assets from Figma to Xcode / Android Studio

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Top earning apps in November 2020

Most downloaded apps in November 2020

The time has come: become the hero of the project “Marketers in Mobile”

Caura: complexities of inshurtech

AppFigures Research App Store Millionaires

LTV calculation. How to and don’t count Lifetime Value

AI, Devices, IoT

(+30) Maybe you don’t need machine learning
(+25) ESP-IDF bug: MDNS, Wireshark and what have unicorns to do with it
(+19) Machine Learning in Google’s Hum to Search
(+17) Translates and shows the neural network: from oral speech to sign speech
(+16) Making print links clickable with the TensorFlow 2 Object Detection API
(+5) Custom development of controllers for IIoT
ControlFlag automatically detects errors in your code using AI

How AI works: a video from Microsoft and Code.org for students

Xiaomi overtook Apple in sales of smartphones

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