Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 372 (November 23 – 29)

This issue compares iOS 1 and 14 “maps”, a soldering iron for developers, basic concepts and basic mistakes, product research and mobile app market trends in the final report for 2020. Connect!

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(+10) How to add 3D to an iOS app using SceneKit
(+7) SwiftUI 2.0: the future is declarative
(+4) CI / CD integration for multiple environments with Jenkins and Fastlane. Part 3
98% of apps in the App Store make 8% of all money

Compare iPhone OS 1.0 to iOS 14 using maps

App Store Holidays: December 24-27

Should I use SwiftUI in production? Sample code to help you make a decision

Building and running Telegram-iOS in Xcode 12.x simulator

WebSockets and Swift: Client-Side Engineering Challenges

Simulating a bad network in iOS

Goodbye AppDelegate! SwiftUI Application Life Cycle

Hello (new) world! – Life and Development on Apple Silicon M1

Why a good Swift developer doesn’t need to know a lot of patterns

SwiftUI-Animations: Animation Library

HHCustomCorner: corner rounding


(+49) I spent a month at MIT and realized that even software engineers shouldn’t forget about a soldering iron.
(+20) TV Box or Smart TV?
(+10) Coroutine evolution in Kotlin. How Channels, Broadcast channels, Shared flows, State flows differ
(+10) Magic templating for Android projects
(+9) Kotlin FP: Monoids and Sorts
(+9) Avoiding fake fonts in Android
(+6) Koin is a dependency injection library written in pure Kotlin
(+6) Validating textInputLayout form elements in Android using data binding
(+4) How to make colored shadows in Android with gradient and animation
(+1) Testing the Android application correctly
Android Broadcast: development for devices

Jetpack Compose Basics: Lesson # 1

Android Runtime (ART) will become the Mainline module in Android 12

Android will be able to update emoji faster

Jetpack Compose: ViewModels

Jetpack Compose Effect Handlers

Hands-on Networking for Android Developers

Simple Android Development Using Simple-Stack

Android Vitals – Profiling Application Launch

Segmentation of images in Android with Fritz AI

Kotlin at 60FPS: is Kotlin slow?

Switching from Dagger to Hilt – Is It Worth It?

Android Architecture Components – make the app of your dreams!

Simple custom keyboard with InputConnection

NoNameBottomBar: bottom menu for Android

My memory: a memory game in Kotlin

Development of

(+28) How I became a mobile phone game developer
(+17) How and why we started making UI in Figma instead of Photoshop
(+16) Do HMS phones dream of electric sheep? Overview of Huawei AI Tools Features and Capabilities
(+15) Finite state machines on guard of order
(+11) Basic Unity Concepts for Programmers
(+10) Math Invasion. My unfinished construction
(+8) Extensible and maintainable architecture for Unity games
(+7) Development of mobile applications in Python. Creating animations in Kivy. Part 2
(+7) Testing games
(+5) How the system for testing the payment core of a mobile application works
(+3) MMORPG No Longer on Telegram – Swift and Kotlin – First Big Project – Part 1
(+2) High-quality software testing
(+1) Salesforce App Testing Automation
15 coding mistakes every developer made

App design examples for inspiration # 23

What is Test Driven Development

Game designer’s working day

Results of the Games Cup 2020 competition

Why you need to know all sorts of low-level things

UX and Point. How product research works

Developing large applications with Xamarin: what are the benefits

6 types of projects every developer should try

The Complete Firebase Authentication and Flutter Course 2020

5 improvements the App Store deserves – UX research

Microinteractions: the superpower of designers

Glassmorphism in user interfaces

Flutter vs Kotlin Multiplatform: A Guide for 2021

Identity management for developers in autonomous teams

Flutter may not be the Next Big Thing, but Kotlin Multiplatform isn’t going anywhere

CI scaling for mobile engineers

5 simple tips for writing clean code

How I Became a More Valuable Programmer in 6 Months (And How You Can)

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+27) Introducing Cross-Platform Push Notifications: Additional Features
(+6) Comparison of analytical systems for mobile marketing
Mobile app market trends 2020 – Liftoff report

make sense podcast: On mechanisms of external and internal motivation and their application in gamification

LOVEMOBILE # 09: NGrow.ai

Want to Game Dev # 16: Game Localizer

Podlodka # 191: marketing

Bald Dating – dating for bald people

ByteDance launches mobile games store and its own publisher

AudioMob Receives $ 1.5 Million On In-Game Audio Ads

Xesto: 3D foot scan

Advertising in iOS 14: how to get user consent – Adjust guide

24 useful tips to properly manage your mobile app reputation

AI, Devices, IoT

(+57) Transformers in Search: how Yandex applied heavy neural networks to search by meaning
(+6) Good work not only wolves die, but recognition engines appear
PyTorch Virtual Developer Day Video

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