Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 371 (November 16 – 22)

6 min

In the new release, the path to a 10x engineer, reduced App Store fees, testing without access to code, a guide to growing apps, how computer vision works, choosing cross-platform technology, and much more!

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(+9) On the way to “10x Engineer”: shortcuts, snippets, templates
(+6) Impression from Stanford CS193P Spring 2020: iOS Application Development with SwiftUI
(+1) Composable Architecture is a fresh take on application architecture. Tests
(0) Keychain API in iOS
NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia Launch Web Apps on iOS

Apple releases macOS Big Sur version of TensorFlow

Apple cuts App Store fees for small developers to 15%

Promo codes for subscriptions earned in the App Store

Using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in an iOS Project

How to safely work with Core Data on a background thread

Shared streams, broadcast channels

Working with Diffable Data Sources in iOS 14

Server-side Swift with Vapor, AWS Fargate and AWS Cloud Development Kit

Dependency injection: why we chose Needle

Top Xcode shortcodes for more efficient programming

MVVM on iOS with SwiftUI (detailed example + pitfalls)

Create content-friendly layouts

Building a chat interface with SwiftUI

SwiftUI View Life Cycle

A Complete Guide to Using Azure CI / CD for iOS Applications

SlideOverCard: slide-out card

PostgresKit: Working with PostgreSQL


(+30) Coroutines and synchronization. Better not to mix
(+4) How the build of the APK file works inside
(+3) Android development: what to do with Lego and how not to “pull an owl on the globe”
Roman Elizarov becomes the new project manager for Kotlin

Android Summit 2020 video

Google Sets New Permission Deadline for Background Geolocated Apps

Modern Android Development (MAD) Skills: Teaching Modern Android Development From Google

Oversecured Launches Self-Funding $ 1M Through Bug Payouts

A Pragmatic Guide to Hilt with Kotlin

Screenshot detection in Android

Halve your Android app’s memory usage

What turns turns

Building an app with Dropwizard, Maven and Kotlin

Server-Driven UI for Android with Jetpack Compose

Using Android Jetpack KTX

A new way to handle states and events in Android with Sealed Classes

Modularizing Android Apps – A Quick Look

(Almost) completely cross-platform Kotlin applications

5 New Test Automation Platforms for Android (2020)

Lottie for Jetpack Compose

Animating Android RecyclerView in Kotlin

Kotlin Flow in Android – handling an asynchronous flow

The Complete Guide to Internationalization and Localization of Android Applications

BasicAirData GPS Logger: Open Source GPS Tracker for Android

Currency Converter: Currency Converter for Android


(+25) API for QA: testing features without accessing the code
(+18) Experience in choosing cross-platform technology for application development. Yandex report
(+5) ECS in UI in the World of Tanks Blitz client
(+4) Product development: what paradigm to work in?
(+4) Material design. Creating animations in Kivy
(+3) Go OFFLINE FIRST using Core Data and Managed Document (s)
(+3) Testing games
(+1) Flutter. Keyboard listener without platform code
(+1) Figma rolled out a new Auto Layout
(0) Types of biometrics in the mobile application
Podlodka # 190: must-have knowledge for a programmer

What to do if Apple copies you

MY.GAMES and Google Launch Game Developer Support Program

What is Server-Driven UI

What languages ​​do developers want to learn?

7 Tips for Building Better UX: Mobile Design Best Practices

The first online Flutter hackathon in Russia Liga Stavok Flutterthon

Navigating mcommerce apps: templates and pitfalls

Stop evaluating product designers as visual designers

Here are 20 programming tips you didn’t ask for

4 recognitions after 4 years as a self-taught developer

What I learned about UX while drinking tea

Overriding the Dating App – UX / UI Example

6 months of small projects

I’m not smart enough to be a programmer

Clean architecture in terms of technical interviews

Simplenote: cross-platform notebook

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+43) To jail for the application
(+3) Engaging users by improving gaming experience and ROI
Apps with widgets get over 45 million installs on iOS

make sense podcast: On formulating hypotheses, approaches and correctness criteria, and testing hypotheses at different levels

Application Growth Guide for Independent Developers

Best Mobile Games in The Game Awards 2020

Global App Testing researched user habits of using applications

Getaround: growth of p2p car sharing

How to get more traffic from similar app recommendations?

Comparative analysis of pricing strategy for over 100 subscription-based mobile apps

Skills and requirements for data analysts at different levels in Yandex

AI, Devices, IoT

(+19) Deep neural networks in computer vision: how they work, where they are used and what problems arise
The “Digit lesson” will teach schoolchildren to work with neural networks

AI-powered Ride Vision improves motorcycle safety

Huawei completely sells its Honor smartphone brand

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