Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 370 (November 9 – 15)

In this digest, we discuss Apple’s awful documentation, running Android Studio on any device, moving to Kotlin (including Multiplatform), building a backend without server developers, the success of Among Us and UX games, and much more.

Apple’s terrible documentation

In the last year or two, I’ve come to realize that the main obstacle to doing my job is documentation. Or, more specifically, the blatant lack of documentation provided by Apple for its platforms.

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(+6) CI / CD integration for multiple environments with Jenkins and Fastlane. Part 2
(+5) Difference between @StateObject, @EnvironmentObject and @ObservedObject in SwiftUI
(+5) SPM: project modularization to increase build speed
Apple releases macOS Big Sur

Apple showed the first computers on Apple Silicon

iOS 14.3 offers installation of third-party apps during system setup

New version of TestFlight introduces automatic app updates

Many publishers have refused to publish iOS apps in the Mac App Store

Towards learning SwiftUI

3 approaches to creating blur effect in iOS

SwiftUI vs reactive MVVM architecture

Animated Pie Chart in SwiftUI 2 using Combine

Migrating an existing Xcode project to Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Why are the new Macs revolutionizing the game for product designers?

Using Bezier Curves in SwiftUI

iPhoneNumberField: phone input field on SwiftUI

MarqueeText: creeping line


(+19) Netflix Studio Apps on Android and iOS Now with Kotlin Multiplatform
(+18) Moving from Java to Kotlin: How to Take Collections with You
(+9) Jetpack Compose Desktop
(+3) How to fix Drawable.setTint bug in API 21 Android SDK
How to run Android Studio on ANY device using JetBrains Projector

Video Chicago Roboto 2020

Android Broadcast: Jetpack Compose on Desktop

How to make the compiler smarter

Android Application Development: Useful Tools for Developers

Android Navigation with a pre-existing back stack

Developing for Developers: Working on the Android Library

Android RecyclerView: Part 1 – Creating a Simple List

How to simplify Android View Binding delegation

Android TV: Best Practices for Fun Apps

Speeding up builds with Dagger Reflect

Data classes are a great way to store data

iiVisu: Sound Visualizer for Android

Brackeys IDE: Code Editor for Android

ForgetMeNot: memorizing with cards


(+24) How to tame Charles Proxy?
(+22) Meta Gameplay Framework, or a backend without server developers
(+13) Additional components for the KivyMD cross-platform material design library
(+11) The best graduation works of the spring semester of Technoprojects
(+9) Interview for QA: Resumes, Interview Questions, Salary Negotiations + Useful Links
(+8) EventBus – Event System for Unity
(+7) Made-Measure-Know System
(+7) Improving the interface: how design and product success are related
(+4) We deploy a server for checking In-app purchases in 60 minutes
(+3) html2json
Radio QA # 62: remote conferences.

Podlodka # 189: IoT

The ministry is preparing a new package of support for the IT industry

Manufacturers ask to postpone the pre-installation of Russian software

App design examples for inspiration # 22

6 small projects that will boost your developer resume

Python came out on the 2nd place for the first time in the November TIOBE ranking

How I released my app in the App Store without knowing the code

Smartwatch interface design guidelines

How to get started with React Native without excruciating pain

Understanding the UX of the Popular Game Among Us

Impact of mobile app performance on user experience

Practical advice for junior developers

Key lessons from working with a 10x developer

Deep linking in Flutter with Branch

Practices that have doubled my productivity as a developer

Attention is my most valuable productivity asset as a developer

Code Documentation Best Practices for Programmers

The best mobile apps for learning coding on the go

React Native in Wix – architecture

Great Code Review – the superpower your team needs

Different Ways to Use Color in Design

The 4 best VS Code extensions in 2020

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+26) Dynamic loot in games: what to consider
(+6) Monetizing ad traffic in the Huawei mobile ecosystem
(+6) Mislid rollers: why do they work?
(+3) How do I localize the game? Step by step guide
App Annie: what’s next for the mobile market in 2021

Success Among Us: Exploring the Growth Cycles of the Game That Shook the World

Fortnite could get a monthly subscription

MeowTalk: Cat Translator

Ushur: effective communication with customers

6 common mistakes when launching a mobile application

AI, Devices, IoT

(+43) How to program multi-core microcontrollers
(+20) Marketing tricks in the smartphone market. Where is there no progress?
(+11) Under the hood: 4D imaging radar from Vayyar
(+8) Slow CrossWorks for ARM?
(+8) How to set up data collection from IoT and SCADA sensors for Data Governance
Hyundai Motor Selects NVIDIA DRIVE Platform

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