Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 368 (October 26 – November 1)

In the new digest, check the splash icon, history of one refactoring and one “one-handed” interface, code review standards and Firebase updates, network thinking, Kotlin Developer Nanodegree, working with the Unity Asset Store and much more!

We supplement the testing checklist when updating the icon and splash in mobile applications

Halloween is coming, and FunCorp traditionally updates the icon and splash for some holidays. This is the case now, because most of our users are based in the United States. The task seemed trivial, I quickly drew up a basic checklist of 8 points, but in the process I found several more cases, and it grew to 13 (attached).

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(+4) Using Enum + Associated Values ​​when Navigating and Transferring Data Between Screens in iOS Applications
Apple Raises App Store Prices

Welcome to MVVM Router with SwiftUI and Combine

Getting Started with Swift for WebAssembly on macOS with SwiftWasm

SwiftUI 2.0: How To Animate Launch Screen

How to use C ++ code in Swift

Things You Should Know As an iOS Developer (Part 1)

Drawing lines with UIBezierPath

20 lessons learned from my first iOS app on the App Store

Animated self-sorting pie chart on SwiftUI 2.0

How to create a to-do list app with Firebase and SwiftUI

iPages: scrollable screens

iOS 14 GUI: screens and components iOS 14


(+19) Vulnerabilities in the implementation of interprocess communication in Android applications
(+17) DataStore Library overview. Saying goodbye to SharedPreference?
(+16) It’s not me! History of one refactoring
(+6) 10 Questions for HMS Support on Hybrid Apps, AppGallery, and Huawei Phone Emulation
Google started comparing apps in the Play Store

Udacity Launches Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree

Google removes 3 kids games from 20 million installs for collecting personal data

Choosing the right architecture for [нового] Kotlin Multiplatform, Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI applications

Top 5 AMA Bumble Android Questions

Understanding Android Activity Launch Mode

Navigating with SafeArgs)
Productivity Course in Android Studio

How to Run Android Instrument Tests on Real Devices Using AWS Device Farm

DayNight – dark mode without app rewriting

Less crashes and more stability with Kotlin

Understanding the internals of the LeakCanary library in Android

Netflix Studio Apps for Android and iOS Now on Kotlin Multiplatform

ViewBinding with Kotlin Property Delegate

Wave Lines Live Wallpaper: Live Wallpaper for Android

Red Screen of Death Crash Information


(+202) “One-handed interface”: a bug or a feature that allows Delimobil to take money from users?
(+4) Conversations in mobile games
(0) Indie cyberpunk development
(0) Benefits of E2E testing
Egor Tolstoy: job change, MBA at Skolkovo and products for developers

Podlodka # 187: I write in Fortran

Flutter Dev Podcast # 21: Surf

CodeSandbox Receives $ 12.7 Million For No Code Collaborative Development Platform

13 code review standards inspired by Google

App design examples for inspiration # 21

Firebase Update: Firebase Authentication Emulator, Detect Online Presence Extension, Data Analysis Tools

The 5 most difficult programming languages ​​in the world

3 exercises to get your fitness app in shape

Application Justice Coalition Receives 400 Applications

How to choose an approach to managing a mobile application development project

Solving design problems with networked thinking

Smart People: Learning UI)
Storing Data in Google Sheets with Xamarin iOS and Android Apps

5 signs you are wasting your life as a developer

9 habits of extremely ineffective programmers

How to add geolocation to PWA

How changing one line reduced build time by 99%

Why I love TDD

Android vs iOS: design philosophy in simple sentences

How to measure the success of your game design

DeepPanel: Find Comics Frames Using Machine Learning

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+15) How I single-handedly pitched a game with no experience
(+13) What is the Unity Asset Store and how to make money on it?
(+6) Principles of onboarding new users
make sense: On metrics, segmentation and monetization in games, and the application of game mechanics in products

Hubilo: from analytics to online events

AppFollow Gets $ 5M in Serie A

AppsFlyer Introduces Incrementality, A Tool To Measure Remarketing

Find out all about the biggest trends in the mobile finance industry in the new Adjust report

Pickle: the return of classic social media

Seasonal ASO applications: how to adapt the schedule for the holidays?

Gamification: 11 Tips to Increase User Engagement and Satisfaction

AI, Devices, IoT

(+39) Your way in a world where there is a ready-made solution for everything
(+38) How we automated a stripper on Walking street
(+15) Reducing the consumption of ESP8266 when working autonomously with sensors
(+6) The path of one team from “bicycles” to an IoT platform
Xiaomi has overtaken Apple in the supply of smartphones and is torn to second place

The State of Mobile Machine Learning 2020 Report

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