Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 367 (October 19 – 25)

This episode contains two stories of indie game development, programming languages ​​inside iOS, big pictures inside Android, mistakes by developers and button design, wasting buzzers and monetizing small applications.

How to become old and useless at the age of 30 using the example of developing a quest

I would like to share my story, namely, the story of a slightly protracted development of a simple point? And? Click quest.

How I decided to make a game inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic and lost money (part 1, 2)

This game gave me another great experience. She made it clear that I can put together a team, lead the process and bring things to the end. But I still have to learn how to make money.

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• (+6) Back to BLE or a way to automate routine operations
• (+3) Single source of truth (SSOT) on MVVM with RxSwift & CoreData
Modern ways to reload table and collection cells in Swift

What programming languages ​​are used inside iOS 14?

What makes iOS gestures perfectly smooth?

iPhone 12 vs Designers

Bonjour: communication between devices without a server

How iOS apps adapt to different screen sizes on iPhone 12

IOS Design System Engineer Interview at Spotify

How to preview a photo in SwiftUI

Build Serverless Mobile Apps with Amazon Aurora, Amplify, and SwiftUI

Testing snapshots in Swift

XcodeGen – Simplified Collaboration

Introducing View Styles to Bumble

iOS 13 Dark Mode in BlaBlaCar: a developer’s story

Debugging on iOS 14 with Xcode 11

The Complete Guide to SwiftUI 2 App Lifecycle

Higher order functions in Swift

Bauletto: iOS 13 badges

SketchKit: replacing auto layout with Swift


• (+33) Big pictures? Deal with it
• (+18) Android Developers: How To Reduce Dark Theme Implementation Time From A Month To A Week
• (+15) Huawei’s Gentleman’s Kit for Mobile Game Developer: Game Service and Tools for Rapid HMS Integration
• (+9) Tips for working with the Huawei ecosystem from Kaspersky Lab
Google launches Android for Cars App Library

Improving Android WebView Performance with Glide

Solving complex screens

Android programming: architecture with one Activity and Navigation

Some common mistakes when creating layouts in Android

Synchronous communication with the UI using StateFlow

Implementing Firebase App Distribution in Android Development

Developer Tips and Guides: Common Policy Violations and How to Avoid Them

EvadeMe – library for Android

Testing Image Loading Libraries on Android

Jetpack Compose View vs. Android View

CodeView: editor for code

Animation Tutorials: Android Animation Tutorials

Spotlight: hints for the interface

Development of

• (+31) Should you fire a developer for a big and expensive mistake? I think not, but management wanted blood
• (+25) Tinkoff Payments experience: improved mobile SDK and made online payment even more convenient
• (+23) State switch controls: the infamous case of the mute button
• (+19) How We Came to Reactive Linking in Unity3D
• (+12) How much does it cost to develop a mobile application
• (+7) Basic mocking format for React components
• (+6) AngularDart roadmap update
• (+4) Design system: what is it, why and how to create
• (+3) Flutter: Q3 2020 Developer Survey Results
• (+3) How to generate constant rate requests in k6 with the new scripting API?
I Want to Become Game Dev # 14: Profession – Game Producer

Podlodka # 186: travels in Russia

Spotify in neomorphism

Kite adds support for Objective-C, Kotlin and 9 more programming languages

The best sources every developer should see

App design: examples for inspiration # 20

If you want to be a better programmer, stop coding

How to create a to-do list app in Flutter

Flutter: Visual Studio Code Extensions for Fast, Efficient Development

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• (+9) Finland for game developers: a small country with great opportunities
App Annie: Zoomers spend $ 143 billion on mobile per year

You can’t use AdMob to monetize small apps: a discussion on Reddit

Did you forget to buy? How a creative approach to programmatic advertising helps to return users – the case of OZON and Bidease

Wargaming Forge will teach you how to create video from games for free

Playbook: promotion through trainers

When ASO starts to bring results

Automation of testing product analytics in mobile applications

AI, Devices, IoT

• (+141) Sberbank released the Russian-language GPT-3 Large model with 760 million parameters for open access
• (+42) DIY smart mirror
• (+30) Plan 9 cluster on Raspberry Pi
• (+13) Mini ITX cluster Turing Pi 2 with 32 GB RAM
• (+2) Overview of Networking and Messaging Protocols for IoT
JAICF – a framework for developing chatbots in Kotlin

Nokia will make lunar 4G for NASA

Huawei will deal with cars

Four pre-built machine learning projects for beginners

Object detection at 1840fps with TorchScript, TensorRT and DeepStream

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