Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 366 (October 12 – 18)

The new digest includes new iPhones, new maps and geolocation for Android, mobile tank testing and subscription tracking, ad network ratings and the Candy Crush Saga championship.

History of one pet project

A long time ago I thought that the idea was like this: I sat down, brainstormed with friends, invented, implemented – cool! But I am more and more convinced that the opposite works for me: the idea evolves over the years and at some point fires. This project was no exception.

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(+25) IPhone evolution: from 2G to 5G
(+11) Automation of testing product analytics in mobile applications
(+8) My Covid-19 lockdown project, or how I got into a custom UICollectionViewLayout and got a ChatLayout
(+3) Action and BindingTarget in ReactiveSwift
Apple unveils iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini and HomePod mini

Distributing a private application via the App Store

Swift iOS BackgroundTasks framework – update background app in 4 steps

Creating Walkthrough Screens in Swift

Automatically pixelate faces on iOS with native facial recognition code

Linking animations together to build histograms in SwiftUI

Extending UIViewController with popups

How to test push notifications in the simulator and iOS app

Swift Composable Architecture by Point-Free

JOCircularSlider: circular slider for iOS

ChatLayout: UI for chats

CardScanner: Swift credit card scanner


(+12) Android Guards. History of creation, development and the first meetup
(+10) Embedding maps from Huawei in the Android application
(+8) Avoid embedding external libraries in your project
(+5) We embed geolocation from Huawei in the Android application
(+4) Kotlin PageObject Pattern for Android UI Testing
(+3) Building a Complex List of Items in 20 Minutes in Groupie Based Android
(+2) Creating an Android SDK in Single-Activity Style
(+2) Making the adapter code cleaner with MergeAdapter
Android Studio 4.1 released

Analyzing your APK during CI / CD

Automating app publishing to Google Play Store with GitHub Actions + Fastlane

Curved bottom navigation with animation in Android

Zero to Certified Android Developer

Introduction to Semantics in Jetpack Compose

What to expect from an Android developer interview

Introduction to Navigation

How to build and distribute an Android library

Leveraging Accessibility Best Practices in Android Development

AndroidX Navigation: wrong abstraction

Benchmarking Gson and Jackson and Moshi 2020

Setting up multi-module projects

Weather Radar: weather radar

Cascade: popup menus

Development of

(+30) Social Monitoring Application: Traffic Analysis
(+23) Jungle town: how we wanted to change the world for the better by creating a children’s game
(+13) Mobile tanks and tests: interview about testing World of Tanks Blitz
(+9) How we developed an app for schoolchildren with schoolchildren: space design and job story for homework
(+5) How we reimagined working with scenes in Unity
Podlodka # 185: Constructive Communication

Unity Launches Game Growth Program to Help Indie Developers

DevFest 2020 will be held online from 16 to 18 October

Learn the basics of UI design through movies

5 steps to improve your UI designer skills

Working with a really terrible developer

The 26-year-old programmer created a $ 1 billion app in 2 years – after following his friend’s advice

The ideal process for managing technical debt

Modern architecture design patterns for professionals

Creating a Google Drive Clone in Flutter with AWS Amplify

Announcement: Flutter Community Plus Plugins

Pitch decks of invested games

16-hour developer training

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+6) How to make hyper-casual games popular around the world
(+4) Fatal Fight: A History of Multi-Million Downloads
(+1) Tutorial: setting up Snowplow for mobile analytics
Q3 Install Growth: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Data Digest

Calm is attracting new investments at a valuation of $ 2.2 billion.

Nym Health: Automation of Medical Bookkeeping

Adjust launches subscription tracking product

Candy Crush Saga All Stars Winner Announced In UK

AppsFlyer publishes new Performance Index

AppMetrica now has Purchase Analysis

How to make TikTok a viral Hashtag Challenge for your app

UK banned fake Playrix ads

Harbor: gamification of disasters

40 media that will tell about your application

How has Covid-19 affected the mobile app market?

AI, Devices, IoT

(+57) Tablet sales are up this quarter, but it’s only a matter of time before they die out
(+26) Turing Pi – cluster board for self-hosted applications and services
(+19) Computer vision. Your own algorithm or solution out of the box?
(+17) IBM Maximo Visual Inspection as a panacea for non-professionals. Part 2
Google has learned to recognize sung and whistled songs

Snap Launches Local Lens Collaborative Augmented Reality In London

Developing and selling a machine learning application – from start to finish

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