Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 365 (October 5 – 11)

In our new collection we catch bugs on clients, write autotests and build analytics, study KMM and Flutter novelties, system design and CTO operation, game logic and Russians’ spending on applications. Connect!

Catching bugs on the client: how we wrote our system to collect client errors

To collect client errors, we use our own development code-named Gelato. For the last two years I have been working on its server side and during this time I discovered a lot of new things from the world of Error Tracking systems development.

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(+6) Cucumber and BDD. Writing UI Autotests on iOS
(+2) Integration of Swift library into UE4
iOS Rich push notifications

IOS 14 Developer Checklist

SwiftUI 2.0 CardView with Lottie Animation

SwiftUI is Apple’s Flutter

UI testing of deep and universal links in iOS

Building your first iOS widget

Application with Swift Composable Architecture: SwiftUI

Centering an Image on a Face Using Apple Vision Framework

IOS Basics in Revolut

How to work with vector assets

Xcode and LLDB Features: Real-Time Application Management

App Distribution: Firebase vs. Testflight

Imperative and Declarative Swift Programming

How to create a circular loading indicator in Swift 5

MVVM: Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in Swift

LFColoringBook: coloring book for iOS


(+14) Rendering the first frame of an Android application
(+13) Behind two mobile services: HMS and GMS in one application
(+12) Embedding Huawei analytics in the Android app
(+11) Targeting notifications, managing prices in different regions and other HMS capabilities for online payments
(+3) Compose. Jetpack Compose
(0) Automatic Code Improvement on Android Studio Commit
Google Assistant gets deep integration with Android apps

Android Broadcast: Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Android Broadcast: How to Make a Developer Life Better

Google postpones tightening policy in India until 2022

Andriod NDK: How to use CMake and ndk-build in one project

Testing Jetpack Compose Screenshots with Shot

Android binders

Preparing applications for the latest Google Play billing features

How to implement in-app purchases in your Android app

Running Java programs directly on Android (without creating an app)

Design System Implementation with Jetpack Compose

Understanding RxJava in a New Way

Changing Android Development with Jetpack Compose and Coroutines

Using Github Actions to Automate the Release Process

Notally: Notepad for Android

PropertyFindAR: real estate in AR

Konfetti: Confetti for Android

Development of

(+22) Breakfast with legendary game designer American McGee: on the new Alice, Russia and depression
(+20) Flutter 1.22 announcement + Dart 2.10 release: one step closer to null-safety
(+16) How UI beat UX in Things 3 (iOS)
(+14) Freedoms and limitations of design systems
(+11) Flutter + clean architecture: an example
(+10) CucumberTalks: avoiding anti-patterns and writing expressive scripts
(+9) How to save money on mobile app development
(+8) Magnificent Mario: the birth of a legend
(+4) The history of the development of the mobile game “Flight on the Buran”
(+4) Improving the UX of a mobile application with a real example
(+3) Top 11 Best Test Management Systems 2020
Podlodka # 184: Profession: CTO

Amazon Timestream makes it easy to work with large databases

What is game logic and what it is eaten with

IOS and Android Development Books in the Humble Book Bundle

App design examples for inspiration # 18

We have moved away from flat design. Where are we going next?

5 main anti-trends in modern design

Motivation or why it is so difficult to complete a personal project

Software developers may be obsolete by 2030

How to improve the performance of a mobile application

Old developers don’t belong here

How does my IDE affect my programming

19 things I borrowed from great developers

Why are Kotlin and Swift brothers?

What Every Product Manager Should Know About A / B Testing

Answering the 40 Most Popular Facebook Programmer Interview Questions

Mobile application performance metrics and their KPIs

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+5) Localizing Video Games for the Japanese Market: Do’s and Don’ts
make sense: About launching a product without a development team, marketing and monetizing a mental health service

Microsoft has created 10 rules for the app store

App Annie: Russians spent $ 348 million in apps in Q3 2020.

Former Apple Engineer Creates a Word Game

Paired: mobile service for strengthening relationships

Most downloaded apps in September 2020

Top earning apps in September 2020

MyTracker Research: How User Payments Differ in Different App Categories

What is the motivation for different types of players?

Antstream Retro Game Streaming

NaPopravku.ru – How we made an application in 5 months with the functionality of a site that we have been creating for 5 years

How competitor analysis helps in app search engine optimization

Look-alike on events in mobile trackers: why you need a tool and how to work with it

Fraud in the mobile industry – what mechanisms help fight it?

AI, Devices, IoT

(+25) Low-level programming of tinyAVR 0-series microcontrollers
(+22) How to robotize tech support using machine learning
(+21) Programming devices based on the ESP32 module
(+18) Where the world of neural networks is heading: interview with the creator of iPavlov
(+8) Living on the Edge: Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium for the Internet of Things
(+5) Neural networks: where to get data for fine learning of algorithms?
The Škoda app detects faults by sound

NVIDIA unveils new Jetson Nano

Tiny Machine Learning: The Next Artificial Intelligence Revolution

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