Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 362 (September 14 – 20)

In this digest, Apple’s presentation, Android development tools and anti-patterns, ARM versus x86 versus cross-platform versus native development, the art of storytelling, design improvement secrets, and more!

IOS 14 Widgets – Features and Limitations

While we are all waiting for the release version of the OS to be released, I would like to share my experience of writing a widget for the “Wallet” application and tell you what opportunities and limitations our team encountered on beta versions of Xcode.

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(+22) What we were told at the annual September presentation of Apple
(+5) Formal grammars in the service of the mobile client
Preparing for iOS 14

What Apple’s latest privacy policy update means for your app

Apple unveils all-new iPad Air with A14 Bionic, 8th generation iPad, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

The App Store allowed game streaming, but very limited

Social network on Swift UI

iOS 14 UISplitViewController: 5 Issues You May Face

Explaining Ranges in Swift with Examples

Decoding JSON in Swift with Codable: A Practical Guide

10 Pods to use in a new iOS project

Improve your UX with Core Animations

How do I protect an iOS app from screenshots and screen recording?

WidgetKit: Advanced Development

10 powerful @attributes in Swift

DTTextField: input field with hints

ContainerController: Sliding Panel


(+15) 20 Android Developer Tools You May Not Know About
(+8) Navigation Component-Jutsu, vol. 2 – nested navigation graphs
(+2) Repository antipattern in Android
(+1) HMS Core 5.0 Review: More ML Features on Mobile Devices and New Audio and Video Tools
(0) How to implement automatic number entry with HUAWEI ML Kit’s OCR feature
Microsoft launches Android apps on Windows 10

Android 11 caused problems with Android Auto

Hello DataStore, while SharedPreferences

Android Fragment lifecycle explanation

Learning Jetpack Compose: The Indent Modifier

Manage multiple apps in one Android project (Studio)

Android rotation gesture recognition

How to identify an Android app update

Just add MVI with Orbit 2

Adapt your app to the latest privacy best practices

How coroutines shape new ways of development

Automation Code Review

Why I decided to write my own UI testing tool

Understanding the internals of Lottie – rendering an animation file

JetInstagram: Instagram on Jetpack Compose


(+19) ARM vs x86: What’s the difference between the two processor architectures?
(+9) When it makes sense to write cross-platform apps: the rise and fall of React Native in Lingualeo
(+8) Inserting Real Objects in Unity with Meshroom
(+7) UXD – Reality and the future in design or a man in charge
(+7) Crash-crash, baby. Automatic monitoring of fatal errors of mobile applications
(+3) How a document is recognized on a mobile phone: from simple to complex
Podlodka # 181: hunting

The art of storytelling in software development

App design examples for inspiration # 17

The Secret to Better Design: 4 Ways to Storytelling

Study. Which icon should I choose to represent accordions?

The art of storytelling in software development

Minimalist design guide

Automating publishing your Flutter apps to Google Play with GitHub Actions

Build Flutter Chat Apps with Firebase

Software development lifecycle: how we built the new Dropbox Plus

Barriers to game development removed

12 essential tools for a Flutter mobile app developer

Getting Started with Augmented Reality with the Unity AR Foundation Framework

Do I really know programming?

Mixin: messenger, wallet and client for the decentralized network

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+1) How to present your game to publishers and investors
Why China’s Next Phase of Growth Will Be Consumer Driven and What This Means for Advertisers

Bunch Receives $ 20 Million In “Social Layer” For Games

Treasury Department Investigates Riot Games And Epic Games Game Safety

make sense: On the choice of prioritization frameworks, decision-making approaches, and team awareness

Why should a business order application development?

2020 State of the Shopping App Advertising Market Report

How Donut Lab Closed $ 1.6M Round of Investment

App Marketing in the Apocalypse: How to Deal With Alarming Trends?

How I got 200,000 app downloads without paid marketing

AI, Devices, IoT

(+29) We connect the new Xiaomi Gateway 3 to Home Assistant without a soldering iron and SMS
(+24) How to go from a beginner pythonist to a certified TensorFlow developer in two months
(+12) IR motion sensor on STM32
(+3) Automotive software: options for strategic development
Facebook announced Oculus Quest 2

Facebook to launch smart glasses with Ray-Ban

Gameloft brings Kinder toys to life with augmented reality

Nvidia buys ARM

8 Best No-Code Machine Learning Platforms You Should Be Using in 2020

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