Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 361 (September 7 – 13)

This week Google released Android 11 and Huawei introduced Harmony 2.0, Apple continued to fight Epic in court, we continued our exploration of Kotlin in 1.4 and new trends of neomorphism, machine learning stagnation and icon creation rules. All this and much more – in our new selection!

Packaging an app in F-Droid

Packing and shipping a Trojan-free app to control my lamps in F-Droid without any Android development knowledge.

Android 11 released

Google Corporation has published the release of the mobile OS Android 11. The main emphasis in the new version of the operating system is made on simplifying the work with various messengers, managing smart devices and improving user privacy.

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Apple files a counterclaim against Epic

Microinteractions: Animated Wave

7 AlertView options in SwiftUI

Testing Xcode performance on a large Swift project. Comparison of iMac vs MacBook vs iMac Pro

Converting a paid iOS app to a subscription

Writing your first iOS widget

7 essential iOS developer tools

Creating 3D animation of scrolling maps in SwiftUI

How do I make an iOS app secure?

SwiftUI 2.0: the future is declarative

Swiftagram: client for Instagram

Velik: bike ride tracking


(+11) Navigation Component-Jutsu, vol. 1 – BottomNavigationView
(+6) Polishing UI in Android: StateListAnimator
(+4) Converting EditText to SearchEditText
Google released Android 11 Go

Huawei introduced Harmony 2.0

JetBrains hosts Kotlin 1.4 conference

Android Broadcast: New Kotlin Compiler in 1.4

20 Android Developer Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Google showed Firebase dependency on GMS

Six years of controversy: why Microsoft made an Android smartphone with two screens in a world where all devices are the same

Clean architecture approach when considering the Model

Don’t reinvent the wheel, delegate it!

Basic dependency injection with Hilt

Kotlin Magic Functions – Everything You Need to Know

Polishing UI in Android: StateListAnimator
Building Android: how to reduce time from 5 minutes to 15 seconds

Developing a Complex User Interface Using Android ConstraintLayout

22 Kotlin extensions for cleaner code

Simple Settings Library – Create a Settings Screen in Seconds

TDD in Android

Modern secure Android development

Broken AndroidX FragmentFactory

Exploring Jetpack DataStore

Biometric Auth: biometric authentication in Kotlin

Blue Pair: Working with Bluetooth in Android


(+25) Neomorphism and its problems
(+11) Intercoms, ACS … Hello again
(+10) How to take over a new country in 3 weeks
(+6) Flutter.dev: Simple application state management
(+4) Localizing the app in React Native
Podlodka # 180: PHP

C ++ became the fastest growing programming language in the TIOBE rankings

Yandex launches a new season of internships

App design examples for inspiration # 16

Motivating Developers and Other Creative People – A Guide for Companies

Ilkka Paananen: “Games as a business should not be process driven”

Tutorial: how to create a Flutter weather app

Grids, principles and rules for creating interface icons, iOS and Android

A year on water and bread: how to make an application for your own and not give up

5 tips to improve your button design. Basics of UI design

Is Firebase really as good as it sounds?

Build a Flutter web app from scratch and deploy it using Continuous Deployment

4 types of developers you will (unfortunately) work with

Using the BLoC pattern for pure Flutter applications: theory and practical example

Anatomy of superior design

Tips for Becoming a More Effective Code Reviewer

Duofolio: reader with dictionary

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+21) Russian Easter eggs in mobile applications. What are they?
(+17) A / B test design mistakes I thought I would never make
(+4) How do you know that a new feature will benefit the product and not harm it?
(+2) Apple Grace Period and Billing Retry statuses when processing user receipts
AppsFlyer launches Xpend, ad spend data aggregation platform

Mixpanel’s “Product Analytics Guide”

Most downloaded apps in August 2020

Mustard: AI-powered scouting

Two types of growth strategies: kindle strategies and fire strategies

How iteration helps with search engine optimization apps

AI, Devices, IoT

(+31) Machine learning stagnation. Many tasks will never be solved?
(+12) We automate the operation of the heating system in an apartment without altering the interior – smart home z-wave
(+9) OEM Daily Life (Part 1)
(+3) The Internet of Cars: First Steps to Self-Driving
Yandex will release a TV set-top box with Alice

New Z-Wave Long Range protocol introduced

How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Expert: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planet-Scale AR Alliance prepares augmented reality for 5G

Relativty – $ 200 open source VR headset

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