Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 360 (August 31 – September 6)

In the new release, we deal with icon rounding (twice!), UI tests and MVI, multiplatform applications and CI / CD, interface design, the most earning applications and much more.

Set up a destroy, the order does NOT suck: how I brought the closet to life

The story of a long search for devices and / or wires began to touch me every day. Such a trivial task, how to find Xiaomi Mi A1, took a lot of time and brought mental anguish. After a while, I came to the conclusion that it pisses me off and it shouldn’t take so long to find a device. I found a bottleneck in workflows and decided to eliminate it.

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(+66) IOS Icon Shape Secret: Is It a Squirrel? Parsing
(+3) Translation Formulas: Tricky Localization for iOS and Beyond
(+3) Swift Best Practices you are not ashamed to know
Apple Delays iOS 14 Privacy Protection Until Next Year

Features of the implementation of a horizontal scrolling calendar

App Store launches subscription promo codes

10 tips for designing widgets for iOS 14

Apple will not delay fixing bugs in the App Store

Apple makes its own search service?

My Favorite iOS Development Apps in 2020

How to create an interactive Bottom Sheet in Swift 5

In-app purchases and StoreKit in iOS 14

Snap to scroll element

How to create a navigator to navigate to any page in Swift

Your first UITest in Swift

What’s new in Xcode 12.0?

Live video processing in SwiftUI using Core Image

Don’t do it with Swift Optionals

Assembler in iOS

Apple Silicon for Application Developers

Swifty Guitar Chords: Guitar Chords on Swift

MultiplatformApp: a multiplatform application based on SwiftUI


(+10) How to write Android UI tests
(+4) To be or not to be: discussions about testing in mobile development
(+3) Downloading and building AOSP
(+2) So why do we need MVI in mobile development?
(+2) How to embed a voice assistant into any mobile application. We disassemble using the example of Habitica
(+1) Analysis of SMS receiving services for Android against service sites and experience in developing new functionality for Android
Android Broadcast: Dagger Hilt: Deep Dive / No more Koin

Android Broadcast: Kotlin 1.4: faster and better

Alpha Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile released

Thermal in Android

Private Libraries in Android – Why You Should Consider This

Retrieving interactions from the ViewModel

Touch, double tap, pan and pinch recognition in Android

Make your (Kotlin) code express itself

Common developer mistakes when creating RecyclerViews and how to fix them using the ViewRepresentation class

Format your Kotlin code with Ktlint

Shape Drawables is the most powerful Android UI tool

Exploring Kotlin Multiplatform

Configuring Logcat in Android Studio

20 Android Development Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Adding a ribbon to an Android app icon (again))
Preferred data storage in Jetpack DataStore

Jetpack Release Tracker: Tracking AndroidX Updates

TrackerControl: tracking data collection on Android

Jetpack Compose Samples: Compose Examples

Development of

(+43) Your squares are wrong
(+18) How to create destructible objects in Unreal Engine 4 and Blender
(+17) “Well, go for it!” or CI / CD mobile applications based on contract
(+9) How was the open Demo Day at Raiffeisenbank
(+7) Testing Flutter Applications: Tools, Benefits, Challenges
(+7) How mobile wallets work on the example of the “Mir Pay” application
(+4) Improving scene handling with ScriptableObject
(+4) Advanced bike building or client / server application based on C # .Net framework
(+3) Test Engineer Tip # 1: Dockerize Your Selenium Grid
(+2) Apple Design Awards Winner: Statistically Average Portrait
Podlodka # 179: rationality

How to create your own gaming business

App design: examples for inspiration # 15

Google and Apple Develop Simplified COVID-19 Warning System

Pokemon GO ends support for older smartphones

Unity Distribution Portal will allow working with many app stores at once

Designing a Game in Sketch: An Interview with the Creator of King Rabbit

Don’t design for mobile (Mobile-first)

Where to start designing a mobile application. Basics of UI design

What is Actions Builder? Actions Builder and Actions SDK for Google Assistant

Reverse engineering: developing a server emulator for Marvel’s Avengers

10 best and most popular Flutter packages

5 tips for better button design

Improving Flutter apps with autocomplete

Clean code for leading developers

Automating the Flutter project lifecycle with GitHub Actions

Yes, TDD slows you down

Developing a mood diary on Flutter in 2 hours

6 Steps to Finding the Right Test Automation Environment (with Case Study)

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Avo: next generation analytics

Top earning apps in August 2020

India has banned PUBG and hundreds more apps

Google launched Growth Academy for Ukraine and Belarus

App Annie Releases First Half Gaming Report

myTracker analyzes in-app ad revenue

Localization: how to enter the international market and increase the number of installations?

Monetization model: changing and cheaply testing a new one

Why retention is the best way to grow

AI, Devices, IoT

(+20) Raspberry cinema center or how to make an unbreakable smart TV
(+18) How games became the driving force behind two schools of AI research
(+1) A microwave that knows everything about you: what is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
Apple iPhone 11 became the best-selling smartphone in the first half of 2020

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