Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 358 (August 17 – 23)

In this release, Lingualeo’s move to PostgreSQL, major free software bugs, Epic’s war with Apple, interface perceptions and the golden age of programming, the Weasley clock, user behavior, and more!

“During quarantine, the load increased 5 times, but we were ready.” How Lingualeo moved to PostgreSQL with 23 million users

We asked our backend development leader, Oleg Pravdin, to talk about how he and his team, in parallel with the support of the main product, assembled a new modular service structure based on PostgreSQL, transferred business logic to databases and migrated with millions of users.

“Stop Total Commander!” or the main problem of free software

Today we will try to figure out why no one wants to use Open Source applications. The article turned out to be quite long, but don’t be alarmed, it will be interesting.

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(+29) Airport – marketplace for apps in TestFlight
(+23) How we loaded a bank card from an iPhone into a keychain
(+14) Introducing Needle, a Swift dependency injection system
Lightroom update removes all custom photos on iOS

Apple revokes Epic Games developer certifications and jeopardizes Unreal Engine

How to Prepare for iOS 14 and Apple’s New Privacy Policy

View Animation in SwiftUI

How I got my first job as an iOS developer

Organizing your Swift code in Xcode with local packages

Microinteractions in SwiftUI – animating menu buttons

New AI in iOS 14

How to create a build variant in an iOS app

24 Swift Extensions for Cleaner Code

How to set up a large iOS / tvOS / watchOS project for a large team and avoid conflicts?

Xcode build time with BitBar

MotionToastView: beautiful toasts for iOS

Countdown: timer on SwiftUI


(+16) Implementing the IMA SDK in Android Applications
(+11) Autotests on Android. The whole picture
(+11) We decompile the xiaomi scanner application and take the scan result
(+1) The story of “pain” and how we fix it
Analysis of the Android market in China

Disabling Jetifier

Writing Effective Layouts

Google Play In-App Review API: Integration and Experience

Smarter apps with the Awareness API

Making a better and cleaner RecyclerView.Adapter with Kiel

Object Detection in Android with Firebase ML Kit

Activities are not what you think

Android MVVM with Firebase Firestore

Codelabs for new Android gaming technologies

Adding Amazing Transitions to Your Android App with Material Motion

Snippets: restoring the internal structure

MovieHunt: The Right Movie Architecture for Android

InstaGrabber: an open source Instagram client

Development of

(+29) User perception of interfaces using Lego panels
(+21) Data-driven approach to content development: how we create robots in War Robots
(+14) A Sip of Freedom: How Flash Games Influenced the Gaming Industry
(+7) Dart Service: Server Application Framework
(+6) Mind Map in testing – or an easy way to test complex applications
(+1) Choosing Mobile Devices: A Step-by-Step Guide for QA Beginners. Part II
I want to be in gamedev # 11: how to get into a foreign gamedev company

Podlodka # 177: cryptography

Is the golden age of programming over?

Applications for the Yandex Cup Programming Championship are now open

Review of the mobile development market during the crisis: what is happening and what are the agencies preparing for?

5 principles of good UI

The appearance of the demigod designers. AI and machine learning

Affordances in design. Design of familiar things

How to create illustrations when you can’t draw

App design examples for inspiration # 13

FigmaExport: how to automate the export of a UI-Kit from Figma to Xcode and Android Studio projects

How is the cost of developing a mobile application formed?

Do more by doing less

React Native vs Flutter: Solution Expected in 2020

6 months of using GraphQL

Developing an Open Source Icon System at Microsoft

Building a clean “Game of Life” application in Flutter using hexagonal architecture and TDD

How to identify toxic developer jobs by their job descriptions

Will AI take over the UX?

Rapid UX Research Framework

Why I gave up on Google Firestore (and will never return)

4 signs of an inexperienced developer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+7) Combining Private WhatsApp and Public SIP – Part 1
Why Epic’s actions hurt the gaming industry

Epic Launches #FreeFortnite Championship

iPhone with Fortnite pre-installed sells for $ 10,000

Facebook supports Epic in its fight against Apple’s monopoly

Take off health and fitness apps in 2020

myTarget measures the impact of outdoor advertising on app installs

Yandex has launched a super-application Go, which helps solve everyday tasks in the city

Likee almost caught up with TikTok

Simulators showed the biggest growth in the 1st half of 2020

App Annie: how mobile user behavior has changed in the first half of 2020

Things to consider when optimizing an application page for foreign languages

How we got 400 thousand installs from TikTok in 2 months for free

AI, Devices, IoT

(+110) Weasley Clock Project showing the location of family members
(+45) Glue multiple photos into one long photo using machine learning
(+13) Rescue an ordinary datasinter. How to work on computer vision to complete a project and not lose yourself
(+4) Internet of cars: who needs data about your driving
The smartwatch market is growing

BlackBerry is preparing a new smartphone with a keyboard

Amazon Machine Learning University Opens Its Courses To Everyone

Google AI Vision and Text to Speech on Raspberry Pi

How to Create Your Own Personal AI Assistant Using Python

AI is learning to play Super Mario Bros!

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