Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 357 (August 10 – 16)

In the new digest, we make a modular application from a monolith, fall in love with gradients, sue Apple, deal with errors, create a weather station and do many other useful things. Connect!

Divide and rule. Modular monolith application in Objective-C and Swift

Initially, we set a goal: to isolate the code that implements the chat function for user support and to reduce the build time. This led to useful consequences that are difficult to follow without habit and existing in the monolithic world of one project.

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(+2) 6 Swift Combine Operators You Should Know
(+2) A custom tool that won’t get in your way in your application
Switching to modular architecture in an iOS project: the experience of Redmadrobot

WeChat ban could reduce iPhone sales by 30%

FAS recognized Apple as restricting competition in the application market

Super simple composite UICollectionView in Swift

Working with Internet Connectivity in iOS with Swift: Best Practices

5 Xcode Extensions You Need

How to create UIProgressView with gradient in Swift

Hide and Show Navigation Bar and Tab Bar in Swift

Multi-segment progress indicator in Swift

What is CaseIterable Protocol in Swift?

Skin Cancer Detection on iOS with Xcode and Create ML

DCFrame: Model-driven UI Framework

Stripes: generating backgrounds with SwiftUI


(+9) Making a smile control game
(+3) Hilt another DI?
(+2) How to create a document photo applet yourself using the HUAWEI ML Kit
(+1) Android Fragment Result Listener
Android Dev Podcast # 116. Summer news

Android Broadcast: The Elm Architecture. Functional programming on Android

5 most common errors in Android apps and how to fix them

Android smartphones will warn of earthquakes

Google improves Android Auto and Android Automotive OS

Distribution of Android apps in 2020

Creating your own car info system from scratch

Dynamic bottom navigation in Android

Implementing a state machine with Kotlin and the Tinder library

Adding Animation to Your Android Application Using the Lottie Library

13 reasons why Dart is worse than Kotlin

Divide and Conquer with ConcatAdapter

Jetpack Compose: How to Get Started and Develop an Application

The 25 Best Android Libraries and Projects of 2020 – Summer Edition

Turning the Camera into a Sudoku Solution

10 Things You (Don’t) Want to See in Legacy Code

How to choose the right dependencies for your project

Deep dive into Configuration Cache

Build a Weather Station with Google Cloud IoT, Cloud Firestore, Mongoose OS, and Android Jetpack

Gallerit: contemporary gallery

MaterialResideMenu: parallax menu for Android

Wheel Spinner: Wheel of Fortune for Android

Development of

(+25) How to hire 50 seniors in 43 days and quickly include them in the development process?
(+18) About creating UI animations in games and why they are so important
(+14) Flutter 1.20 Announcement
(+5) Dart service: flutter web page
(+4) Alice on Kotlin: turning the code into Yandex.Station
Podlodka # 176: GPT-3 and Natural Language Processing

The site for developers of applications for Chrome OS is open

The secret of simple code

How we improved our readership by 39%

10 best test automation tools

Why developers fall in love with functional programming

10 must-have macOS tools for power users and developers

Oh Mom I love Gradient

It never gets easier, it just gets faster

Using the Weather API to Assess Daily Road Risk

Full-Stack Flutter: Build an Application Backend with AWS & Serverless

An introduction to regression testing

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+3) Analytics in the mobile app
(+3) How to monetize a mobile app in 2020?
(+3) 5 Keys to the Brazilian Gaming Market
(0) Will you be forced to pay additional sales tax on digital services?
(0) How facts, tasks, a a + ‌ comment
Qonversion and RevenueCat mobile subscription management services receive investment

Fortnite removed from App Store and Google Play and Epic Games sues

Voodoo launched a runner competition

Rewarded Interstitial Ads Added to AdMob

AI, Devices, IoT

(+29) 8 ML / AI projects that will brighten your portfolio
(+28) Monitoring of production equipment: how is it going in Russia
(+1) How to implement bank card recognition with HUAWEI ML Kit
Xiaomi is preparing a new chipset

Huawei is forced to stop production of Kirin processors

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