Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 356 (August 3 – 9)

In this issue, we deal with RAM and subscriptions, with security and ambitious projects, with good habits and the very best applications, how design can kill your product and much more!

Why iPhone 4GB RAM but Android doesn’t?

From year to year, Android manufacturers are pushing the hardware side of smartphones: 108 MP, 8K video recording, 12GB of RAM … But wait, the iPhone has only 4GB of RAM. And this does not prevent him from working at the level or even faster than his competitors! And how did Apple manage to achieve this result?

How to implement in-app subscriptions in Android applications: tips and tricks

Every year the requirements for in-app subscriptions in mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play change, it becomes more and more difficult to take them into account the first time and not receive a series of rejections, thereby postponing the release sometimes for several months. If there are already a lot of publications about the requirements for the App Store, then sometimes questions still arise with the rules of in-app subscriptions for Google Play.

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• (+48) Is your iPhone so secure? Overview of vulnerabilities and secret passages in iOS
• (+26) How Apple uses non-market methods to extort developers
• (+8) Avito iOS meetup materials # 8: videos and presentations
• (+7) How to create a calculator in Swift 5
• (+6) AppCode 2020.2: Swift Package Manager support, performance improvements, Change Signature for Swift, and more
• (+4) Implementation of Grid layout on SwiftUI
Apple has effectively banned Stadia and xCloud streaming games

Apple publishes requirements for default browsers and email clients

Phil Schiller will stop marketing Apple

Apple bought Canadian fintech Mobeewave

Thousands of Apps Removed from Chinese App Store

Making a sticky title in a ScrollView using SwiftUI

Making a draggable card on SwiftUI

Apple could lose the developer crowd

matchGeometryEffect by SwiftUI in iOS 14

Modern modular apps with Xcode 12 and Swift Package Manager

Why SwiftUI Makes You A Better Programmer

OCR on an iOS device using SwiftUI

Pure AppDelegate

Make your SwiftUI app scalable and responsive to different screen sizes

iOS development in VSCode

SwiftFortuneWheel: Wheel of Fortune on Swift

YouTag: Music Player for iOS


• (+17) Composite build as an alternative to buildSrc in Gradle
• (+11) Android inside out: comparison of Dalvik and ART
• (+7) Transforming Android Development with Jetpack Compose and Coroutines
• (+7) RecyclerView.ItemDecoration: making the most of it
• (+7) Is RxRelay magic? Subject vs RxRelay
• (+6) Implementing Barcode Scanning Functionality Using HMS Core Scan SDK
• (+5) Top Most Important Android Features for the Blind – According to Blind Experts
Xiaomi abandoned the Android One program

Google became the seller of ALL apps in Europe

Android Broadcast: tube get-togethers. Artem Zinnatullin @ Lyft

Union, Intersect, Subtract in Kotlin

ViewPager2 – digging into internal APIs for working with DiffUtil

How to stay a modern Android developer

Reverse engineering of Android applications

Search filter implementation using Kotlin Channels and Flows

Using the In-App Review API for Google Play Reviews

Android Repository Template

Material Components for Android 1.2.0

GraphView: Graphs for Android

Scrcast: screen recording in Android app

Development of

• (+25) The tale of the development of an ambitious project by a 16 year old guy (file547)
• (+13) What skills can be pumped on a project with a large code base
• (+10) Protecting yourself from trackers on mobile platforms
• (+8) FigmaExport: how to automate the export of a UI-Kit from Figma to Xcode and Android Studio projects
• (+6) Managing scenes in Unity without pain or suffering
• (+5) Testing for Mobile Developers: Useful Videos from Android Meetup
make sense: About the practice of Jobs-To-Be-Done, different levels of use, myths and dangers of product centricity

Podlodka # 175: Simulation Modeling

Google Launches ML Kit Handwriting Recognition

App design examples for inspiration # 12

5 things to better understand before starting a startup internship

The Case of Small and Large Letters

Testing the service without swearing with the programmer

Why will fast design kill your product?

Good interface rules: learning UI design with LEGO

How to make a multiplayer (.io) web game

Slack loses developers, Discord gains

I made Plague Inc. for calculator

How the ringtone industry paved the way for app stores and then disappeared

How Flutter will win desktops

4 key factors you need to become a successful developer

Configuring VS Code Like a Pro

What Makes Godot Engine Great for Advanced GUI Applications

How I Improved Software System Performance 35,000%

The only factor that will make you a Senior Developer

My 2 cents about cross platform

The myth about the cost of software quality

Localize your Flutter app in 3 steps

Lessons from Building the First 10 Commercial Flutter Apps

6 Tips for Developers to Deal with Impostor Syndrome

FigmaToCode: layout to code for Flutter and SwiftUI

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• (+13) [Фреймворк формирования полезных привычек] and maximum user involvement by the example of learning English
• (+1) How IDFA and Customer Data Control Lead to Trust Marketing
LOVEMOBILE # 08: Adjust

Most downloaded apps in July 2020

Top earning apps in July 2020

Radish: fiction micro-reading

Mobile Games Revenues Set New Record in Q2

How did One Guy Run get 100,000+ installs in 2 days?

Mobile video is replacing TV

iOS 14 & IDFA & Mobile Traffic Attribution: A Global Change in the Mobile Advertising Market

Price testing for subscription apps

How to develop an app that promotes itself

Paid apps are dead. What’s next for monetization?

12 rules of virality I learned while creating an explosive growth video app

AI, Devices, IoT

• (+32) Language Models as an Engine of Progress: Unusual Uses for GPT-3
• (+20) How machine learning saves trees in Yekaterinburg
• (+14) Azure RTOS. Part 1: overview and launch (STM32 + CubeIDE + HAL)
Researchers have made AI to turn selfies into normal portraits

Google unveils Pixel 4A

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