Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 355 (July 27 – August 2)

In the new digest, corrupted desktops, their contribution to Swift, application security and Durov’s war with Apple, code quality and application evolution, Huawei as a market leader, and many other interesting materials!

No need to spoil desktops for engineers with their mobile solutions, think again

Today, most of the products for users are made primarily for mobile platforms. At best, they figure a universal web that is still optimized for mobile phones. Because users love iPhones, not computers. The business sat down, counted, and made a decision – let’s make more money, let’s have a mobile first everywhere.

Contributing to Swift

To make edits, you will need knowledge of Swift and an understanding of C ++, but this is not necessary, some tasks require adding test cases where knowledge of the language is not required.

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(+24) Apple Machine Learning News in 2020
(+8) Implementing Machine Learning on an iOS Device Using Core ML, Swift, and Neural Engine
(+3) New Property Wrappers in SwiftUI
(+1) MVI and SwiftUI – one state
(0) We design work with iOS subscriptions: client or server storage of products
(0) iOS in-app purchases: Initialize and process purchases
Durov again criticized Apple for the commission in the App Store

Telegram sues Apple

Creating an expandable button in Swift

How to make navigation in SwiftUI simple

GeometryEffect in Swift 2.0

Exploring the New iOS 14 Logging API

Building Spotify with SwiftUI

5 things I would like to know before my first iOS internship at a startup

How Facebook SDK Could Crash Apple iOS Ecosystem Without A Line of Code

Code cleaning and refactoring in SwiftUI

Overview of UIPageControl in iOS 14

How to create a slide out menu in Swift

Making the First iOS 14 Widget Using WidgetKit

Working with SnapML Templates in Lens Studio: Style Transfer

Toolbar on SwiftUI in iOS 14

How to create an Instagram like animation with Swift

Creating loading animation in Swift

Dynamic themes in iOS

Making Grid Layout in SwiftUI

SwiftUI-LifeGame: “Life” on SwiftUI

GradientLoadingBar: Gradient loading bar

Streamoji: emoji rendering for iOS


(+17) A Tale of How Realm’s Cascading Delete Won the Long Start
(+17) Power consumption of Android applications
(+9) How to learn Android in 3 years, or the history of one application
Android Broadcast: Mobile App Security

Google Play Indie Games Festival Winners

Google tracked app usage on Android

Scan QR Codes with HUAWEI Scan Kit

Using WorkManager for Immediate Background Execution

How Discord Made Navigation Inside Android Apps Easier

OkCupid Introduces Better Testability

Modularity in Android: make your code reusable and maintainable

Best Android Development Practices

Android Architecture Example: Layers and Modules

Advanced Kotlin Programming

Make sure there is one click (ButterKnife did it right)

How did I reverse engineer the bus service to make my own app

All-in-one Android notifications

Kotlin Multiplatform + Rx + MVVM

Shrink your application with R8

Playing videos with Jetpack Compose

Understanding building with Build Analyzer

6 Things to Know Before Using Destructuring in Kotlin

MarvelHeroes: Superheroes in Android Development

Rocktly: space launches


(+41) How to use a desktop without a desktop? Samsung DeX Review
(+37) Flutter Alpha for Linux and Desktop Development
(+8) Create panoramic videos in Unity
(+7) Flutter. RenderObject – Measure and Conquer
(+6) The science of user experience. Using cognitive biases in quality product development
(+3) Choosing Mobile Devices: A Step-by-Step Guide for QA Beginners. Part I
(+2) Kali Linux NetHunter on Android Part 3: breaking the distance
(+1) GOMS analysis of interface usability
Podlodka # 174: cartography

Flutter Dev Podcast # 18: Game Development

make sense: On competitive analysis, segmenting industries and niches, and copying features

Wanted Game Dev # 10: Unreal Engine Developer

Code Quality 2020 Report

UX Design: How Human Memory Works

App design: examples for inspiration # 11

Good button design rules

Worst arguments for creating a new feature

Designers, stop belittling someone else’s design

Mobile application development stages: analytics and terms of reference

How a novice designer works with feedback to become a pro

Offering a Modern Goodreads iOS Experience: A Redesign Study

6 little things to make you the best Flutter developer

Flutter development via Clean Architecture Package

Choosing the right database for your Flutter application

The secret of simple code

Qt on Mobile: Best Practices for Cross-Platform Application Development

SOLID Principles in Pictures

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+5) How to convert holidays into profit for the developer and joy for the players
How do I manage reviews to improve my app’s ranking?

Foodtech and social media have supplanted car sharing and mobile banking, but retail remains in the top 3 most demanded app categories

Home fitness complex Tempo received $ 60 million

We started giving away our app for free. This is what happened

Tandem – second language practice

Roblox developers will receive $ 250 million.

Spotify Launches Group Music Listening

Mobile Advertising Fraud 2020 Report from AppsFlyer

Mobile App Evolution 2020 Report by App Annie

EVE Echoes Coming to iOS and Android in August

Recommendations for increasing the efficiency of monetization for mobile applications

Using Video Ads to Promote Your Facebook Business: A SocialPeta Guide

How to measure the effectiveness of a text search engine optimization app

AI, Devices, IoT

(+38) Doom Boy ESP32. Second iteration
(+2) How will Industry 4.0 change our workplaces and why does it need a reliable power supply?
(0) A series of articles about the installation and operation of the LoRaWAN Chirpstack server
Huawei became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world by the results of the 2nd quarter

Amazon connects Alexa to apps via Alexa for Apps

11 most common machine learning algorithms in a nutshell

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