Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 354 (July 20 – 26)

In this release, cloud gaming and right-sided interfaces, updated Office and soulless monetizers, the rise of hyper-casual games and the decline of ML engineers, videos and localization, system design and server UI, Dart services and much more!

One of the winners of the iPhone Photography Awards 2020

Between design system and Server Driven UI

My name is Vladimir Kasatkin and I work as a back-end developer at ivi.ru, in the UX team. The purpose of this article is to show you how we have reduced the amount of client development, while also increasing the number of A / B tests performed.

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(+10) Swift: Copy-modify
(+5) Implementing inheritance in iOS localization files
Apple gives security researchers unlocked iPhones

Swift for TensorFlow

Side menu on SwiftUI

Avoiding unnecessary app releases

Use Combine to write more readable Swift code

The ‘Factory Method’ Pattern in Swift

Optimize Application Launch and Detect Performance Issues with Tools

Loading animation in the form of cubes on SwiftUI

History of my experiments with Swift KeyPath

What is Keyframe animation in Swift 5?

What’s new in the Vision Framework in iOS 14

How to create and customize TextField in SwiftUI

Distribution of compiled static libraries and static frameworks in Swift

Activity indicators on SwiftUI

SwiftUI in WidgetKit

Translate-SwiftUI: Translator from iOS 14


(+12) Graduates of the semester course “Android Application Development”, Technopark Mail.ru
(+2) How to make RxJava friends with VIPER in Android, application approaches and the structure of schedulers
(0) How to make friends React Native and Java code on Android
Android 11 becomes Red Velvet Cake

Google Camera Lead Moves to Adobe

Scaling Android Build

Advantages of Kotlin over Java: Backend and Android

Useful Flutter Extensions

How to create a successful Android app

Implementing transition animations in Android

The evolution of View links in Android

When keyboard meets coroutines

Modern date and time handling in all Android versions

How to create a gradle plugin for Android in Kotlin

Android Model-View-Intent with Kotlin Flow

Migrating Google I / O App to Hilt

Automating Gradle Dependency Updates with Dependabot

NY Times: JSoup and Modern Android Architecture

AndroidBottomBar: nice bottom menu

Development of

(+24) Open source cloud gaming on WebRTC: p2p, multiplayer, zero latency
(+21) Right-hand interface: adapting controls to right-to-left languages
(+18) Dart service: introduction, backend infrastructure
(+7) DHH Interview: Discussed App Store Issues and New Mail Service Hey
(+6) 21 methods of UX research: which one to choose
(+5) The story of how a game development company grew out of a student gamedev club
(+4) A detailed breakdown of navigation in Flutter
(+3) Flutter under the hood: Binding
(+3) Application themes for Xamarin.Forms
(+2) What’s new in Unity 2020.1?
IObeya Receives $ 17 Million for Agile Digitalization

Podlodka # 173: develop your voice

App design: examples for inspiration # 9

Microsoft reveals design update for Office

Snapchat deploys gadgets

40 tips to change your programming forever

The importance of side projects

Snap opens 13-week developer assistance program

How to explain the way to the location in digital channels

Flutter mobile application. Cost, terms, pitfalls. Part 2

How a junior designer created a task management application and what does the drawings in the margin of the notebook have to do with it

Askona Sleep: new case from 65apps

How We Made a SpotiApp for Spotify That Now Brings $ 1000 a Day

Are sliders better than digital scale?

What makes a UX strategy successful

The smart way to quit drinking – the Sober One app

Multi-platform networking libraries with Ktor

Best video conferencing API and SDK providers

Delightful Developer Tools You May Not Use

8 Reasons Why Mobile App Development Projects Fail

How one code review rule turned my team into a dream team

What I like and dislike about Flutter

10 great podcasts and playlists for mobile developers

Tabler Icons: Free Icons

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+25) My acquaintance with AppGallery: how I took advantage of Huawei’s capabilities and found a growth point for my project
(+14) Why monetizers don’t have a soul and toxic team members are the most effective
(+4) Does a designer need metrics?
(0) Flexible localization: how to apply agile to your translation project
(0) Videos for a long-term advertising campaign for a mobile game: what to do to keep the audience from getting boring with creatives?
(0) Charismatic design, or using empathy to engage the user
The rise of hyper-casual games: Adjust and Unity report

LOVEMOBILE # 07: AppFollow

myTracker opened tracking presets

Kudo – online conference with translation

Analysis Group researches “App Store tax” commissioned by Apple

2020 iPhone Photography Awards Winners Announced

Free course “ASO: from simple to complex”

Meemo – financial management and social shopping

Maxim Laba (Nativex): Bilibili is a lucrative platform for games, lifestyle and educational apps entering China

Calm Launches HBO Series

528 days of creating the player

Search Ads: Does Your App Need an Apple Advertising Network?

AI, Devices, IoT

(+86) Warm tube internet radio
(+40) OpenAI’s GPT-3 May Be The Greatest Thing Since Bitcoin
(+13) Neurons “from scratch”, or How we made an assistant for our technical support dispatchers
OpenCV AI Kit Goes To Kickstarter

The ransomware virus stopped the operation of devices and Garmin itself

The Humble Book Bundle contains development books for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino

ML engineers lose their jobs. Learn machine learning anyway

Why You Should Get A New Machine Learning Certification From Google

Will GPT-3 Kill Programming?

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