Digest of interesting materials for a mobile developer # 353 (July 13 – 19)

In the new digest, we again discuss architecture, performance and testing, Apple ideas and changes in European app stores, the success of Android 10, and much more!

Lightweight routing on microservices

While the user opens the next screen with order details, enjoying the smooth animation, a lot of interesting things are happening in the MVVM world: the view controller is created, the view model is created, the arguments are thrown, dependencies are resolved.

Developer Economics Survey Q2 2020

Express your opinion, learn about current development trends and influence future trends.

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(+25) Graduates of the semester course “iOS Application Development”, Technopark Mail.ru
(+4) Swift delegates and callbacks in plain language. What is this delegate and how does the callback work?
Develop in Swift Fundamentals and Develop in Swift Explorations by Apple

Apple Updates Teacher Programs for Teaching Programming

Apple is working on its own game console

Apple celebrates World Emoji Day with Matryoshka

WWDC20: new in unit testing

Traffic Sign Detection + OCR Guide

Background tasks in Swift

SVG assets in Xcode for scalable images

Segue tricks with SwiftUI

Ideal iOS Application Architecture

Sidebar and NavigationView for macOS on SwiftUI

SwiftUI 2.0 parallax

Extending iOS apps with plugins

App Clips in iOS14 – Instant Mobile Apps

Stylish SwiftUI navigation menu

New Logger API vs. OSLog in iOS 14

PullUpController: pull-down menu


(+19) Why would engineers waste time on performance
(+6) The Android code editor: part 2
(+2) Preparing Google Play Apps for Android 10 Requirements
Free course “Android Fundamentals in Kotlin”

Google Play Pass expands

Android Broadcast: Kotlinx. * Libraries: Coroutines, IO, DateTime, Serialization

Microsoft and Google team up to create the best PWAs

Android 10 is the fastest growing OS

Answers to common questions about signing apps on Google Play

Bottom Sheet behavior in Android and an animated button on top of it

How to prevent cloning of an Android app

Android architecture: Hilt, MVVM, Kotlin Coroutines, Live Data, Room and Retrofit (plus Rick and Morty)

Exploring the Android AutoComplete framework

Kotlin: Famous Unknowns

Reduce application startup time with I / O preload

Refactoring legacy code in Android

Diaguard: the app for diabetics

Development of

(+13) Why I left React Native and switched to Flutter: Part 1
(+12) 10 ideas from Apple’s Human Interface Design Guidelines
(+7) Children love the attributes of adulthood in games: how we designed an educational game for younger students
(+5) To an app designer: how to create and submit a dark theme
(+3) Versioning in design: how not to get lost in a thousand layouts
Podlodka # 172: Java

Game Over: What Gamification Mistakes To Avoid

Yandex.Vzglyad and Yandex.Toloka launched UX testing of websites and applications

App design: examples for inspiration # 9

5 underrated programming apps you should start using right now

47 essential tips for UI and UX designers

Snapping to pixels in icon design

Progressive Web App in 2020: Success Stories and Challenges

My Top 5 APIs for New Developers

How to prepare reactive programming

19 apps guaranteed to improve your productivity

6 More Tips to Improve Your UI Quickly

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+13) How to increase game retention with collaboration
(+6) Professional Kit: What App Analytics Tools Do Large Companies Use?
(0) Tips for Effective Product Localization
EU creates more transparent relations between developers and app stores

Identity-as-a-service Auth0 received $ 120 million in a new round

App Annie launches App Annie Ascen

Meditopia’s sleep and meditation platform raised $ 15 million

TikTok opens up its ad network to everyone

Long-term retention is the basis for sustainable product growth

Graphic ASO applications. Icon, Screenshot & Video Guide

ASO tears: nine misconceptions about the work of an ASO specialist

How we deliver robust analytics in Dropbox mobile apps

AI, Devices, IoT

(+26) Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning: The Self-taught Way
(+17) The smart glove for cyclists
(+12) Simple UDP hole punching using an IPIP tunnel as an example
(+10) When your data is dirty
(+7) VR neurointerface for people with Alzheimer’s
Portrait of a Russian Data Science Specialist

Samsung and Microsoft are transforming building management

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