Digest of events for HR and recruiters in IT in October 2022

In any incomprehensible situation, do not forget to learn and gain experience. In October, the organizers of courses and conferences for IT HR focused on working with IT teams, effective employee training and business development through leadership. And if you are an HR or a non-IT recruiter, then at the very end of the article there is a small selection of events for hiring personnel of any profile.

Announcements will appear as they are released – do not forget to follow the post updates and comments.

PSYvIT for managers (online course)

When: October 3 (start)
Price: from 26 400 ₽
Organizer: Psyvit.ru

A course at the intersection of IT, psychology and business. For managers, HR managers and team leaders who want to learn how to listen to their employees, make difficult decisions and build strong teams.

Main topics covered in the course:

  • leader personality,

  • task planning,

  • team motivation,

  • teambuilding and team development

  • managing complex teams

  • team conflicts.

Details and registration

HR Generalist (online course)

When: October 4 (start)
Price: 1200 BYN
Organizer: TeachMeSkills

The organizers promise that during the course you will learn to understand all the functional areas of HR. You will learn how the IT world works, what are the main professions and technologies.

Experts will tell you how to find candidates, conduct successful interviews with them and form a team. Students will go through all stages of the employee life cycle. They will figure out how to properly collect and analyze information, build processes, influence the HR brand and corporate culture.

Details and registration

Battle for IT (online and offline conference)

When: October 6-7
Price: from 11 000 ₽
Organizer: IT Forums

At the conference, HR and TeamLead practitioners will share case studies and expertise on how to find, attract, retain and develop IT professionals, create and manage effective IT teams.

Conference questions:

October 6, 2022 | 9:00-18:00 | HR IT DAY

  • Analytics of the job market for IT-specialists, the main trends today, forecasts for the future.

  • Up-to-date tools for searching and attracting IT-specialists. IT HR Brand.

  • Effective adaptation of IT specialists (pre-boarding, onboarding).

  • Modern approaches to motivation and tools for retaining IT specialists.

  • Assessment for IT (Soft and Hard skills).

  • Training and development of IT leaders and IT teams: Hard skills, Soft skills, TeamWork skills, Meta skills.

October 7, 2022 | 9:00-18:00 | TEAM LEAD DAY

  • How TeamLead works with such different people: features of managing mixed teams. Mediation tools in IT.

  • Team motivation when working in Agile, what are the features of people management?

  • Why do we need job profiles in IT or how to create a high-quality and working structure of the IT block.

  • Lean in IT. How to apply.

  • Career of managers in IT, before and after the role of TeamLead.

Details and registration

South Hub (offline camp)

When: October 6-8
Price: 26 500 ₽ (until October 5)
Organizer: tall people

Camp in Krasnaya Polyana for service stations and those who want to become them. Among the speakers and participants are experienced IT managers: CTO & CIO, product, data and analytics directors and other top experts.

Camp themes:

  • Who is taken to the C-level, and who is not?

  • How can an IT manager speak the same language with a business?

  • How to determine business value from the work of technical teams?

  • How to build relationships in a team when there is turbulence around and everyone wants to leave?

  • How is technology and data creating Industry 5.0?

  • How do organizations work in the context of new IT trends, what solutions and technologies do they replace, and what do they develop themselves?

  • How to work with your own mistakes and turn them into a positive experience?

  • How to create an environment that will support the professional and career development of employees?

  • How do you scale team success stories to the rest of the organization?

  • How to evaluate your own successes and victories when you are a leader?

Details and registration

IT recruiter (mini-course for beginners)

When: Anytime
Price: is free
Organizer: Tech Recruiter

The Tech Recruiter team has launched its telegram bot for novice IT recruiters and those who are thinking about changing their profession. He will send lessons on what tasks IT recruiters perform, what skills they need, what mistakes beginners most often make, and much more.

Lessons take place in the format of short videos with notes, and you will also receive additional useful files that will remain with you forever.

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Adaptation in IT teams (meetup)

When: October 18
Price: to be specified
Organizer: Technopark Skolkovo

Meetup topics:

  • Digital transformation of the company and the transformation of culture as a basis for the adaptation of employees;

  • The classic process and stages of employee adaptation in the company;

  • Features of IT teams and their adaptation in the company;

  • Key adaptation tools in IT teams;

  • Checklists as a tool for adaptation in IT teams.

Details and registration

IT recruiter courses

When: start every week
Price: 11 400 ₽
Organizer: International School of Professions

A course for those who want to learn how to build an IT team and become a sought-after recruiting specialist.

Course blocks:

  • Recruiting in IT;

  • Hard and soft skills of IT specialists: product development;

  • Hard and soft skills of IT-specialists: product support;

  • Development of vacancies for the company;

  • Search for specialists in the field of IT;

  • Preparing for an interview;

  • Conducting interviews;

  • Presentation of the candidate to the customer;

  • Successful adaptation of employees;

  • Development in the field of IT recruiting.

Details and registration

Below are webinars, courses and conferences that will be useful for HR of any profile. We hid them in a spoiler – expand if you’re interested.

Useful HR events

About event organizers

  1. PsyvIT.ru — development of psychological literacy and soft skills in IT.

  2. TeachMeSkills – school of programming.

  3. IT Forums is an organizer of IT events.

  4. Tall People is the organizer of IT events.

  5. Tech Recruiter — a community of IT recruiters.

  6. Technopark Skolkovo — services for innovative Russian companies.

  7. International School of Professions – training courses in modern areas.

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