Difficulties in building Shared Service Centers: what to do? We’ll tell you at the webinar

We continue the series of webinars “How to Build an Effective SSC” dedicated to building and automating Shared Service Centers. There will be a lot of interesting things at the webinars: an analysis of modern approaches and typical mistakes in building an SSC, the best examples of automation of various SSC functions and cases.

Topic of the new webinar: Difficulties in building a Shared Service Center and how to overcome them
Date: December 24, 2020 11.00 – 12.00 (MSK)

The webinar will be useful

  • Heads of SSC departments
  • Heads for the development of SSC areas
  • Digital transformation directors
  • CIOs of companies

Webinar program

  1. Variability of processes in the provision of services. How to reduce it without losses for the company.
  2. The need to manage organizational change. How a human-centered approach to organizational change can help create an environment in which change is not feared, but expected and even welcomed.
  3. Providing interactive and seamless interaction between the provider and the consumer of services. Creation of a single point of contact (Single Point of Contact) as a technological and management solution.

Speakers: Ivan Zhigalov, General Director of IT Guild; Valeriy Adleiba, Key Account Manager, IT Guild.

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