DevOps is cancer

Reading for the weekend.

Imagine that you have written a calculator, calc.exe. Why not add a dark theme to it? Although there is no why the subject, the path will be any number topics. We will store them in .thm files. It’s important not to get confused, because we also want to customize the key layout. Just switching the view – simple/scientific – is too easy. We need to introduce the concept layout. Which is stored in *.lyt files.

So, now it is logical to write an editor layouts, which, of course, will be larger than the original calculator. And do bundles .thm+lyt, and… oh yes, of course! Marketplace! We create a website, search, free/paid, update system … What would you write everything on? What is popular this month among the front end?

At this point, the original idea that a calculator is needed in order to calculate has long been forgotten. We were dragged into the clouds by the idea of ​​creeping improvement.

Of course, in youth, everyone made such mistakes. But Devops – this is what is described above – only scaled to the firm level.

Git, Nexus, Jenkins, Ansible, Octopus, Jira… I once wrote jobs for Jenkins. They called scripts on PowerShell. But DevOps say no, it’s too easy! Let at the very beginning of each Jenkins job curl pulls from Nexus the latest version of the scripts, and only then executes it. We get script versioning! Cool! No one cares if it’s convenient, what matters is that it’s cool and tricky… Well, you get the idea.

True, all this was spinning on Linux, and it was only possible to debug it live, so when debugging (changing one line in the script), I had to do git add ., git commit And pushdo mergethen run the Jenkins job that published it in Nexus, and after about five minutes of manual work, I could check the new version of the script. But I am no stranger – I also worked on punched cards with one pass per day.

But have you ever wondered what Devops exist to make life easier, not harder? What if there were instructions for 40 points and 50 yaml files – does that mean that something went wrong? A friend has three developers and three people in the DevOps department. Guys, are you sure you save money?

Have you ever thought that net effect from all DevOps activities is the transfer of files from one place to another (sometimes to several places). That is, the copy (cp) command with a number of conditions?

Sorry, I forgot about the clouds. There Terraform, Cheffiles of their configurations, and once files, then versioning again, Git, Nexus, Jenkins… And you thought, how much for a new person to delve into all this kitchen? Sorry, I forgot that this is not bad, but rather good, and is called job security.

In all this abundance of technology, the main principle is forgotten … KISS … It seems to me that modern Devops turned into a thing for itself, a self-fulfilling prophecy that consumes more and more resources, unwinding like a spiral…

PS Probably, Jenkins should be placed in Docker and Kubernetes should be polished on top…

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