Developers come here to complain about business. Others devs here tell them they are to blame

A year ago, a good friend of mine was not fired very well. The other day a developer I know briefly from Twitter was not very well fired. They both wrote about it on Habr. Articles took off – of course, because articles with stories of people always take off on Habré. Unlike technical ones. But the comments, in contrast to the ratings, are very ambiguous. Maybe I’m biased, but it seemed to me that much more than half of them emphasize the author’s fault.

You yourself, bro, are to blame for everything. You are a fool for not demanding that a relocation package be written into the contract. It’s you yourself the ram who agreed to quit on your own. And you, fool, in vain did not quit your job – no one owes you anything. The employer did the right thing to formalize your agreed retirement as absenteeism, and began to threaten with an article.

Let’s be honest. I’ve got you here decently with my articles, I understand. But there are things in life that are much more important than the fact that Phil is a stupid asshole who “hype on hot topics”, and that’s all. When I read the comments with the motive of “samavinovat” from the developers, who for some reason unanimously took the side of the random business, I was so torn apart from righteous anger.

I can understand very well the motive “I don’t like the author”. I myself genuinely hate a couple of local writers, and by default I disagree with everything they write. But only not when their article says “Don’t kick Phil out of work without compensation!” Because, damn it, I don’t want to be kicked out of my job without compensation!

Here we come to read the story of Pasha. He moved to Minsk, somehow got out of everyone, and he was fired to the end of the trial. They did not compensate for the relocation, they did not give three salaries. And they shouldn’t have – according to the law. What should we think? Yes, it immediately comes to mind – Pasha is a fool. Firstly, it is definitely his fault that he was fired, and secondly, well, man, if you move, well, dig up some money. And we are right. Pasha really behaved like a fool, Pasha is really his own fault.

But Pasha is not the only one in this story who is to blame. And his fault is generally the last thing that needs to be emphasized here. Flanks fucking hurt only himself, and we, the developers, the community – don’t need to fix them. And you don’t need to think about it. But the companies’ fakups – they concern us all.

Can a company with a monthly turnover compensate for relocation? Could such a company provide a comfortable dismissal compensation to a person they didn’t like, but who they hired, and who didn’t put a screw on their responsibilities? No, I understand, the cases are different – you hired a signor, and your older brother sat for him at the social security appointment, and now you got a deceiving trainee – such a dude can fail without compensation. But here’s a different case! The person did not fit in character. Not because he is a rascal – he just did not fit. It happens, none of us is immune from this. But there is no compensation. Although the company knew perfectly well what kind of shit he would end up in after that.

But we can and must make it happen. They should for many reasons. The most obvious – well, we have all been or will be in such a situation. Someone will not go with your character, someone will not understand your work schedule. Somewhere people will not be satisfied with political views, elsewhere you will be kicked out for posts on Twitter. At the next location, you will fly out because you do not support diving. And then you will be fired for justifying the capture / liberation of the peninsula. In the end, your team lead will become the most repulsed FP adept on earth, and will chase you for imperative forichi in the code with kicks. Then, abruptly, without any prerequisites, left with a bare ass, you will come here – to say that the business has gone bad.

This is a personal reason. There are common ones. The process of hiring people is very expensive. Companies pay for everything. First you have to pay a lot of money to get the idea of ​​hiring a person. then a lot of money to figure out which one. Then to write a vacancy, then to post it – it’s still heaps of money. Then pay for many hours of their people, which they will spend on drawing up and checking assignments, screenings and social security reports. Most likely, you will have to throw some pretty big money just to get your team leaders to learn how to hire at all. After successful interviews, spending does not end. You need to pay for onboarding, possibly relocation, a bunch of papers, the time of the system administrator to set up a workplace. All of this is expensive. Your best specialists will spend working hours explaining to the newbie how and what works here. Both in the company and in the project. Then you pay the dude test. It’s not cheap either. And then you understand – the hiring did not work well, the person does not suit us. And at this very moment, the multimillion-dollar company suddenly CLICK – and decides that it’s time, damn it, and save a little! And squeezes three salaries. Of course, I didn’t count, but I think this is not such a large percentage of the whole process of hiring you. And now a simple question: and for whom are these three salaries more critical in this case? Yes, I understand, work – chew ass. But it only seems so. In fact, finding a normal one is not quick. It is clear that he can be fantastically lucky, but my experience is this – a heap of offers does not mean anything, you cannot choose a worthwhile job in two days. You have to choose and search from a month to three. Because if you take the first one that comes across, in the same way in a couple of months you will look for a new one.

This is not communist propaganda. Business should not pay, only because it can, and business should not pay, because we have post-Soviet legislation. He has to pay because we have an industry of smart and rich people who don’t deserve to be treated like dogs. I am not saying anything about TC, because my experience of interaction with the state says one thing – stay away from it. I’m talking about business etiquette. Business is not your enemy, business is not your friend. You are partners. The stars came together, we were lucky, and IT in Russia is a branch of normality. So let’s fucking match that. If we have salaries like people do, if we have a human, and not a slavish attitude to the work that we do in this job, then why can’t all this be preserved even in divorce?

I have had occasions when it seemed to me that I was not treated very well. Usually at social welfare. I dragged this to habr, but I didn’t want to harm companies and specific people. Therefore, I did not name names. I wanted the people who gave me a controversial interview to read it, draw conclusions, and correct something. I’m sure not. Because you came under the articles, and wrote – well, you yourself are a stupid freak, you did everything right. And then you went to the same social security in the same company, and in the same way you were whipped in shame.

I am here, little by little, doing all kinds of media activities, and I know how much big companies pay for a “tech brand”. Lots and lots. They pour a huge, terrible lot of money into making everyone want to work for them. To keep hiring cheaper and not miss out on the best. What do you think they’ll start doing when they realize that saving on a couple of salaries when they leave will turn their tech brand into a scarecrow? They will take money from advertising budgets and spend it on compensation.

Everyone but marketers will benefit from this, but who cares about marketers?

I don’t like to explain the obvious, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. All of the above applies to large companies. If the business owner has no more money than you do, demanding compensation is also bestiality.

But when the conditional savings put a person out in the cold without compensation, because he has a bad character, you think to yourself: “It is my own fault.” And then write a comment: “Saving shit”.


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