Design meeting in the St. Petersburg office of Wrike December 5

On December 5, at 19:00, a design mitap will be held at the Wrike office, and we invite all designers to participate in the meeting, discuss current issues and share our design experience.

To mark the meeting’s agenda, we asked the design director and the UX director to talk about their tasks and difficulties that they face at work:

Vladimir Zimin, design director of Russian Post will tell how the designer lives in the Mail.
“The mail is changing. Long, expensive, painful, but changing. "How is this happening, what does digitalization have to do with that, what designers have forgotten in the Mail, what difficulties they face and why they come – about this without cuts."

Egor Gilev, UX Director of Wrike will tell you what it means to be a designer.
“Design is not how the product looks, but how it works,” said Steve Jobs. This is about the product, but what about the designer himself? It is known how HE looks – all in black, in the pocket of an iPhone, in the hands of a macbook – but how does it work? I’d like to talk about this: how a designer can design his own working day, communication with colleagues, and finally, a career, and how such designer skills, such as empathy, willingness to experiment and attention to detail, help in this. ”

After the reports, we will organize an informal networking session with pizza, beer and cola.

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During the event, we will hold a competition for the best photo, and the winner will present an interesting book about design.

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