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Here we decided to hold a mitap retrospective, in which anyone can take part (of course, if you register in advance).

What's the point. Retrospective is always good. This is an experience. Especially if you talk openly about fakaps, about difficult decisions, about what you’ve done and what you would like to achieve, but haven’t mastered it.

We will analyze a number of real cases, discuss the work of managers and project managers, as well as their mistakes.

To register as a spectator or speaker, simply fill out this form.

And now a little more about those who are already ready to speak.

How we made a new site in 4 months using a distributed team and survived

Alexander Gontar, Project Manager, Rostelecom

You will find out what problems we encountered while working on the project. The old site was solid, had disparate UI elements and did not allow us to quickly bring out new features and products in production. We had 4 months, having typed a new team (which was scattered in three different cities), to launch a new site.

The requirements changed during the project, we depended on the implementation of other systems, some decisions were not applied centrally in the company, new product lines and rebranding required the introduction of new functionality that was not originally planned. It was hard, but we did it.

The good organization of the team, the introduction of new roles and the change of processes helped us. We will tell you everything.

Small MVP's ambitious desire to become the fourth core service

Smart home – a solution for home video surveillance and control of smart devices
Sergey Stepanyuk, Project Director, Rostelecom

You will learn about how we fell into the expectations of customers with the implementation of MVP.

How demand has affected the new product, how the growth in the number of users has led to the complete unpreparedness of architecture and infrastructure. How we decided to make “our Alice” before Yandex and why in the end they abandoned her. What crazy decisions were made to speed up the launch (email as a transport). And how in the end we managed to curb our desire to increase the monolithic solution created in the framework of MVP, with new and new functionality.

We’ll explain why it’s better to have one main contractor instead of four. How (and why) we build a competence center for one product. And most importantly – how all these complex decisions were given to the team.

Extreme Federal Project Management

SQM (Service Quality Management) – Rostelecom digital services quality management
Maxim Frolov, Project Manager, Rostelecom

Maxim will talk about a large federal project of Rostelecom, the initial opening of which best fits the terms “uncertainty” and “yes, you are probably joking.”

The project team was tasked with developing and implementing Rostelecom's IPTV service quality management system in all regions of the Russian Federation. For 10 months. Including a survey of the entire infrastructure of services throughout Russia. Including the development of technical solutions for each of the 8 macroregions of Rostelecom.

In the report, about how the project team “harnessed for a long time, but then quickly ran,” how and why it came to an extreme project management methodology, what compromises it was possible to reach with the customer, what “dirty quick decisions” had to be applied to save the project’s terms.

And, of course, about what surprises and mistakes the team encountered during the implementation of the project, what they did in situations where “you need tomorrow, but the procedure will take a month”. At the end of the report, we look at the conclusions of the project team with which it enters the next stage of the project.

How to teach a customer how to work with MVP – step by step instructions

Key – A smart services platform to control and manage your home and yard
Svetlana Boychenko, Project Director, Rostelecom

From the presentation, you will learn how the traditional digital telecom products are being replaced by an ecosystem of digital services that envelops a tenant of an apartment building with a down comforter and comfort. We learn what preconditions led to a redistribution of the product market for developers and management companies. And why the intercom is no longer a boring, little-used thing, but the subject of fierce competitive wars.

Svetlana will tell you how to assemble one of more than 20 pilot products and explain that now you are in charge. And it will reveal the secret of how to successfully create an enterprise platform and not lose your mind.

How to embrace the immensity on the example of the project of import substitution software

Olga Golovacheva, Project Director, Rostelecom

From the report of Olya, you will learn what import substitution of software is in state-owned companies and how it all began. How to conduct an inventory of all software in a company with 80,000 users without asset management systems in 2 months and draw up a Transition Plan for the next 3 years, consisting of 500 events

What are the tasks when switching to domestic products, and how we organize the management of a project / program based on a three-year plan, the real situation and related activities. As well as how state-owned companies are joining forces to develop Russian IT solutions, and what good could be of it.

When and where

DI Telegraph
We start at 09.30 with registration and coffee, and finish at 17.00 with a buffet table. Snack breaks in the process will also be, of course.

Come listen to about project management and how to (and don't) do it. And if you want to share your experience, it's great. Importantly, do not forget about the application for this in advance.

Have a good weekend.

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