descriptions of visas, lists of ~ 1000 companies, useful tools such companies publish job offers. Therefore, you should definitely not forget about these resources.

Example – I myself am developing a startup, a smart assistant for improving texts in English. This is an American company with serious investors, and right now we are looking for experienced engineers with an eye to relocation in the future (with a specified salary in dollars and understandable requirements):

> Backend developer (PHP, Laravel)

> Machine Learning / NLP Engineer

> JS Fullstack developer

How to prepare for interviews: helpful tools

Finally, I have compiled a list of helpful technical interview preparation tools:

Of course, an interview is not only about whether a candidate is suitable, but also about whether the company suits him. Therefore, it is worth preparing a series of questions about the project, prospects and objectives.

There are many lists of questions to ask a prospective employer, here are a couple of these:

It is also important to understand that, as always happens with the search for a suitable position, you should not rush to the first option that comes across or get too upset in case of failure. It is worthwhile to tune in to the fact that the process of finding the ideal option can take a couple of months, although there is also a chance to find a promising project quickly.


How are you looking for remote vacancies with an eye to possible relocation in the future?

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