Demo Day conference is a new educational event for OTUS

On December 11, you will find 6 lectures in different IT areas: programming, testing, Data Science, management and information security. Participation is free. Read more about the format in the article.

During its existence OTUS we had time to experiment with different activities. We had office meetups, career intensive and CTF competitions. We hold workshops, open classes and open days on a regular basis.

And now we have a desire to hold events that would personify OTUS… That is, we would unite all our directions, teachers and students. The Demo Day online conference will take place in this festival format on Friday, December 11.

“For almost four years of its existence, Otus has amassed a decent capital – these are our teachers and their knowledge of the latest industry cases. We want to start sharing this knowledge with the community, it seems to us that this is a useful and necessary contribution to the development of IT specialists, to the growth of their competence. Come and rate it! “

Dmitry Voloshin

founder of OTUS

What awaits you in the Demo Day program?

17:30 – 18:00 The host of the event is charismatic blogger Lex ITBeard… He will open the event, moderate the reports and summarize the results.

Further, 6 experts from different IT-directions will give their reports. We tried to find the most practical topics for you.

18:00 – 18:40 Testing.

Theme: Testing mobile applications. Alternatives to real devices.

You will consider all the alternatives with their pros and cons, cloud farms, local farms, real devices, emulators / simulators.

Speaker: Natashkin Alexander, Head of Mobile QA at YuMoney (ex Yandex.Money). 12 years of experience in IT, more than 7 of them in QA.

18:40 – 19:20 Programming

Theme: Pains and delights of GraphQL on the example of real projects

You will consider real-life GraphQL implementation cases, problems encountered in them and their solutions. The teacher will also tell you how to work with this in NodeJS.

Speaker: Anton Morev, Wormsoft, founder and IT director. Over the years, he has managed to accomplish many common and non-standard tasks that motivate him to constantly study changing technologies.

As a founder and IT director, Anton controls all development processes in the company and implements solutions for process optimization.

19:20 – 20:00 Data Science

Theme: Building bridges between 2D and 3D data with Pytorch3D

In the report, you and an expert will look at specific cases of using Pytorch3D for working with point clouds and 3d meshes, with an overview of the available functionality and with a basic explanation of terms. Let’s pay special attention to the differentiable rendering. The report will be of interest to those who are interested in working with 3D data, but have not encountered Pytorch3D before.

Speaker: Zhenya Cheskidova, Deep Learning Engineer at Wolf3d, Tallinn. Now he is working on a technology for restoring a 3D mesh of a face from one photo. The main area of ​​interest in deep learning at the moment is working with 3D data.

20:00 – 20:40 Control

Theme: Techniques for productive corporate communication

You will learn why and why you need to separate communication channels. What are the rules for working with instant messengers and mail. Rules for organizing meetings, communication ethics and the necessary tools.

The meeting will be useful to those who:

1. Feels chaos in incoming information

2. Experiencing problems with unnecessary meetings (where half of the employees are sitting with their heads in their phones)

3. Faces violation of boundaries in working communication

4. Wants to establish his working communication so that it helps to work, and does not interfere

Speaker: Alexander Pryakhin, CTO at CityAds Media. In professional programming, he has come a long way from Junior Developer to CTO. He has developed various training courses: from learning the PHP language to building scalable systems and architectures.

20:40 – 21:20 Testing, MySQL

Theme: An example of performance optimization 32 times

The expert will introduce you to the optimization process of one system. In the course of the story, the productivity increases from 5% to 160% of the desired. You will learn how to find problems in different nodes and paths and fix them.

– Stress Testing

– system optimization


– Queues

– .Net

– Performance analysis

Speaker: Victor Ganeles, performance testing expert at PromSvyazBank. More than 6 years of experience in performance testing in large banks. Permanent speaker of major international conferences (SQA Days and others)

21:20 – 22:00 Information Security

Theme: Malicious code injection techniques

You will discuss why code injections are needed and what methods are used by malware to do it.

Speaker: Artur Pakulov, ex-virus analyst at Kaspersky Lab. An expert in low-level programming, reverse engineering and malware analysis.

This is a new format for us, so it will be very important for us to get feedback and ideas from the participants. We are planning to hold a larger event in April OTUS Fest, which will last 3 days and will offer participants even more useful talks.

Waiting for you! Registration for Demo Day is free… Are you planning to attend the conference? What topics are you interested in?

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