Demmax batteries from Svetofor stores

Very cheap Demmax batteries appeared in Svetofor stores. I checked if they are really alkaline (alkaline) and measured their capacity.

Batteries are sold in a red box, it seems that such batteries are only available in AA format.

There is no date of manufacture on the batteries, only the expiration date is indicated: 07.2026.

The manufacturer Litarc Lighting & Electronic is indicated, but most likely this is not a manufacturer, but an intermediary (the name of this company as a manufacturer is indicated on all Ergolux LED lamps). The importer is Enertrade LLC.

I tested two batteries and compared the results with previous test results for GP Super alkaline batteries, FLARX, First Price ECO-Alcaline batteries from Galamart and GP Greencell EHD salt batteries.

To test the capacity and load capacity, the batteries were discharged in two modes:

– discharge with a current of 100 mA to 0.7 V. The test shows what maximum energy the battery can give;
– a discharge with a resistance equivalent of 3.9 ohms to 0.9 V. This test shows how batteries are suitable for powerful loads (toys with motors, blood pressure monitors and other medical equipment).

The diagram shows the average capacity value in mWh. Blue columns – discharge with a current of 100 mA to 0.7 V, red columns – discharge with a resistance equivalent of 3.9 Ohm to 0.9 V.

Demmax batteries belong to the ECO-Alkaline class – their weight is about 18 g (full alkaline batteries weigh 22-23 g, salt 13-17 g), and the amount of stored energy is 35-42% less than that of full-fledged alkaline (alkaline) batteries, but more than double that of the very best salt batteries.

Demmax batteries are close in performance to other ECO-Alkaline batteries, such as First Price batteries from Galamart.

Such batteries can be used in devices with low energy consumption, and at a price of about 7 rubles per battery, this is beneficial.

PS In some traffic light shops there are still counterfeit alkaline batteries, which are actually salt ( Do not confuse!

Peace for everyone!

© 2022, Alexey Nadezhin

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