Dell Technologies training webinars: new servers, VDI, data storage and protection, data center modernization, remote work

We continue the cycle of Tech Diving training webinars and invite everyone who is interested in the topics indicated in the title of the post to them. Last time there were a lot of guests from Habr: taking this opportunity, we thank you for your participation. As a reminder, Dell Technologies Tech Sessions are open webinars hosted by our most experienced staff. On the air, they reveal in detail the declared topics and answer any questions about them.

It will be interesting for specialists of different profiles, and not only technical ones. In our opinion, it will certainly be useful to listen to managers and business owners about VDI and the organization of remote work. As always, you can register in advance for any number of webinars, participation in them is free. If you are interested in the topic, then it is better not to postpone registration until later – after it we will send a notification closer to the beginning of the session. All dates, details and links under the cut.

New Dell EMC PowerEdge Server Lineup

The webinar is available in recording

We recently updated our PowerEdge server product portfolio. The line has many new solutions for a variety of tasks. Including, with a focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, private cloud infrastructures, edge computing and 5G communications. At the webinar, our experts spoke in detail about the entire model range and separately dwelt on the nuances associated with processors and specialized use of servers.

Dell Hybrid Client: the next step in the evolution of VDI

June 10, 11:00 UTC

The Hybrid Client Platform is dedicated software for delivering hybrid cloud-managed client computing. It provides many options for customization and allows you to organize easy access to applications and data, no matter where they are: in the public cloud, private cloud, or the user’s device. At the same time, the personalized experience for users working on different platforms will be the same. At the webinar, we will understand the Hybrid Client device, and talk about situations when this solution will be most useful.

Dell Technologies Storage and Data Protection Solutions

June 24, 11:00 (Moscow time)

This is the largest webinar of all scheduled for the current quarter and will feature four talks at once. All are dedicated to modern approaches to data storage and protection. First, we’ll look at PowerEdge servers in that context: we’ll talk about performance optimization, storage usage, and scaling. Next, explore Dell EMC PowerScale, the market-leading file and object solution. After that, let’s move on to PowerProtect, a comprehensive hardware and software solution for data protection. After that, let’s talk about SmartFabric, Dell EMC’s network fabric automation service for PowerStore and PowerScale.

Data Center Network Modernization with Dell EMC SmartFabric Director and VMware NSX-T

July 8, 11:00 AM PT

During the technical session, Dell Technologies experts will discuss how to simplify the automation of the data center network fabric and network virtualization at all stages – during deployment, maintenance and monitoring. We will place a special emphasis on the VMware NSX-T platform: we will study its architecture and components, consider the advantages and application scenarios in which it will be most effective. As the icing on the cake, we have prepared an analysis of a real scenario for modernizing a data center network for one of our customers based on a Dell EMC network and VMware NSX-T.

Modern approaches to organizing remote workplaces: own experience of Dell Technologies

July 22, 11:00 UTC

The organization of remote workplaces is a task that today needs to be solved by almost every organization. How to approach this issue, what tools and solutions to choose, what pitfalls can you face, how to do everything quickly, efficiently, safely and conveniently for employees and administrators? We will talk about this and many other things at the webinar.

At Dell Technologies, “remote” became the standard solution long before the pandemic began. Our leading engineers are happy to share their experiences with you. We will tell you about the approaches to organizing remote workplaces adopted in our company, and we will consider the situation both from the side of client and infrastructure solutions. We will also analyze the main stages of the transition, potential difficulties and outline the ways to overcome them in advance.

We are waiting for you at the webinars, and we will be glad to receive any feedback: both during and after online meetings, and in the comments right here or in private messages. By the way, you can also propose your topics for the next technical sessions. Thank you for your attention and see you!

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