Decorative ceiling light General Lumino 02

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I continue to study decorative LED lights.
Today I’m testing a controlled LED lamp General Lumino 02 130 W (GSMCL-Smart25) for 5165 rubles.

The lamp uses LEDs with two color temperatures, mixing their light in different proportions allows you to change the color temperature of the light, in addition, the light of two colors is used as a design solution. There is also a brightness adjustment. The lamp is controlled by the remote control, in addition, the modes are switched by a conventional switch.

The manufacturer indicates the following parameters:

  • power 130 W;
  • luminous flux 3180 lm;
  • brightness adjustment 10-100%;
  • color temperature 3000, 4000, 6000K;
  • color rendering index, Ra 80.

The luminaire uses LEDs with warm and cold light, however, they never burn separately – in all modes, the light of two groups of LEDs is mixed.

The kit comes with a remote control with 12 buttons.

The button in the center of the ring turns on white light. In this mode, all the LEDs light up with maximum brightness and the color temperature is 4300 K. The lamp consumes 97.6 W, gives 5032 lm,

The “month” and “50%” buttons turn on the same white light at 6% and 40% brightness (measured values).

Button A turns on the warmest light mode: 3558 K, 49.3 W, 2498 lm.

Button B turns on the coldest light mode: 5168 K, 50.5 W, 2669 lm.

The arrow button in a circle toggles the three modes described above.

The K- and K + buttons change the color temperature of the light (6 steps).
Buttons – and + change the brightness (also 6 steps).

With any adjustment of color temperature and switching color modes, the brightness is always reset to 100%.

When the light is turned off by a switch on the wall, the mode is not remembered, the lamp always turns on in mode “B” with the coldest light.

Modes can be selected not only with the remote control, but also with a conventional light switch. If you turn the light off and on, the lamp switches four modes in a circle: B – A – White – 50%.

At minimum brightness, the lamp gives 159 lm (6% of maximum). This is too high a brightness to use the lamp as a night lamp.

At the maximum brightness, there is practically no light ripple (ripple coefficient 0.2%), at the minimum brightness the ripple coefficient is 6.5%.

The color rendering index in all modes is above 80, so this lamp can be used for lighting residential premises.

The lamp does not create any interference to broadcasting.

The lamp uses two types of light sources. In a large circle are semicircular aluminum strips with LEDs.

In the center, LED strips without resistors are glued onto frosted glass diffusers.

The lamp is mounted on a metal cross. It is fixed to the ceiling, and the lamp is screwed to it with four screws.

The manufacturer promised a power of 130 W, a luminous flux of 3180 lm and a color temperature of 3000-6000K, but if you divide the promised lumens into watts, you get a very strange figure of 24.5 lm / W, which is not at all characteristic of LED lighting.

The measured lamp power at 100% brightness is 49.3-97.6 W in different color modes, the measured luminous flux in the brightest mode of white neutral light was 5030 lm, and in warm and cold light only 2500-2670 lm. Color temperature varies in the range of 3560-5170K.

Most likely, the main mode of operation of this lamp will be the “warmest” mode “A”, because since the designers came up with a two-color solution, I want to use it. But in this mode, the color is not so warm (3560K), and the light for a regular room of 15 m² may not be enough. The light is uncomfortable, part of the ceiling remains dark, it is also a bit dark in the corners of the room. An ordinary chandelier with five bulbs of 400 lm visually gives more light and the light is more pleasant.

A review of the next Feron AL5000 decorative ceiling lamp will be in a week, but now you can see the results of testing all five fixtures at Lamptest: The results for all modes of each lamp can be viewed by clicking on its model in the table.

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