Decorative ceiling light Feron AL5000

I continue to torment you with decorative LED lamps. 🙂
Today we are studying the Feron AL5000 28935 60W for 3960 rubles.

The lamp uses LEDs with two color temperatures, mixing their light in different proportions allows you to change the color temperature of the light. There is a brightness adjustment. The lamp is controlled by the remote control, in addition, the modes are switched by a conventional switch.

The manufacturer indicates the following parameters:

• power is 60 W;
• luminous flux of 5000 lm;
• equivalent of an incandescent lamp 4×100 W;
• color temperature 3000-6500K.

Color rendering index not specified.

The kit comes with a remote control with 9 buttons. The lamp came to me without a remote control, so I bring a photo from the box.

The purpose of the remote control buttons in the picture from the manufacturer’s website.

The condition of the lamp (color and brightness) is remembered when disconnected from the network and then turned on.

Modes can be selected not only with the remote control, but also with a conventional light switch. If you turn the light off and on, the lamp switches three modes in a circle: warm-white-cold at maximum brightness.

Due to the lack of a remote control, I was not able to measure the parameters of the lamp under various brightness and color modes, but this turned out to make little sense – the LEDs with a low color rendering index are used in the lamp.

The maximum brightness is achieved in the neutral light mode, when both “warm” and “cold” LEDs are lit.

Luminous flux ~ 5600 lm, power 62 W, ​​color temperature ~ 4200 K, CRI, alas, 76.2, ripple coefficient 0.1%.

Warm light mode.

Luminous flux ~ 4400 lm, power 62 W, ​​color temperature ~ 3000 K, CRI 72.

Cold light mode.

Luminous flux ~ 4550 lm, power 62 W, ​​color temperature 6500 K, CRI 74.

The lamp does not create any interference to broadcasting.

LEDs are mounted on metal plates providing good heat dissipation.

The lamp is mounted to the ceiling with three holes. The plafond is easily removed by turning.

The measured parameters of the lamp are close to the declared ones. Unlike many other similar fixtures, the brightness does not change very much when the color temperature changes – a little more than 20%. There is no ripple of light.

The main trouble of this lamp is a low color rendering index. Most likely, the manufacturer saved less than 1% of the total cost on this, but spoiled it all. And it could be a good lamp.

A review of two General decorative ceiling lights will be in a week or two, but now you can see the results of testing all five lamps on Lamptest: The results for all modes of each lamp can be viewed by clicking on its model in the table.

© 2020, Alexey Nadezhin

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