December 7 – Announcement of a new HFLabs product. Let’s show the “Consent Management Center”

Customer consent management is a mess. People do not know where and what consent they left. And the business does not understand what it was allowed to: too many sources, too many versions of one consent, too much chaos.

On December 7, we will show a product that will put things in order. The beginning is at 18:00, we will meet the hour.

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Why consent is important

Business too often “jerks” people. Those are annoyed by constant calls, sms, e-mails. Moreover, the same companies are fighting for customer loyalty at the same time: keeping them cheaper than attracting new ones. But they lose this very loyalty because of uninvited “touches”.

For adequate communication, at least you don’t need to call those who asked to write emails. Therefore, a warm relationship with a client cannot be developed without consent management.

In addition, the state is gradually paying attention to work with consents. The fines for Roskomnadzor complaints are still ridiculous, but the screws are already being tightened. Recently the bank was fined 300 thousand rubles for SMS advertising loans… And in Europe, with the GDPR, everything is already tough: fines reach 10,000,000 euros.

Business life is also complicated by purely technical problems. For example, it would be nice to associate all versions of signed customer agreements with check marks in accounting systems.

At the same time, Russia does not yet have a coherent solution for managing customer consent.

What kind of product we will represent

The hero of the evening is the HFLabs Consent Management Center product:

  • determines the correct channels of communication with the client;

  • suggests answers to the regulator’s requests (why the company legitimately sent an SMS to the client two months ago);

  • daily identifies clients who have run out of any consent;

  • instantly withdraws consent at the request of the client and notifies all interested parties about it;

  • tells what customer data and with what companies can be exchanged within the ecosystem;

  • supports extended agreements to accommodate agreements with partners.

Who will be interested

It will be useful in general to everyone who is responsible for storing and processing personal data.

And also for those who work:

The scope of the business does not matter.

Who will perform

Konstantin Stepanov

Executive Director of HFLabs. For nine years she has been helping to put things in order in the data of large companies: Otkritie, MTS, Rosgosstrakh, Yota, ASV, MegaFon and others.

Pavel Abdyushev

Director of Product Development, HFLabs. Lead ideologist of the consent management solution and processes. For nine years he has been improving the quality of data and implementing systems for their management in Rosgosstrakh, Otkritie, M.Video and other large companies.

How to participate

Register now link… A confirmation will be sent to the mail immediately, and a reminder will also be sent an hour before the event.

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