DataArt will host an open lecture by Andrey Terekhov, Head of the Department of System Programming, Matmekh, St. Petersburg State University

December 5 — this will be Thursday — at the DataArt development center in St. Petersburg, a lecture will be held by Andrei Nikolaevich Terekhov, doctor of physics and mathematics, professor, member of the RUSOFT board. He will talk about the most popular Soviet computers, about working on an Algol-68 language translator for them, and about organizing the IT industry in the USSR. Andrei Terekhov will outline the main problems faced by Soviet engineers and programmers, evaluate how their experience was unsuccessful, and what can be considered success.

The lecture is dedicated to the Day of Informatics in Russia, which is celebrated on December 4. On this day in 1948, the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for the introduction of advanced technology registered the invention of Isaac Brook and Bashir Rameev of a digital electronic computer.

Two parts of the interview with Andrei Nikolaevich, recorded as part of the DataArt museum project, were published on our blog this fall (see part 1, part 2). Now the total number of views of both materials has exceeded 110 thousand, both caused heated discussions in the comments. On December 5, our readers from St. Petersburg will be able to meet with the hero of the interview and personally ask questions after the lecture. We will also pass on to Andrey Nikolaevich the five most popular, i.e., those who have collected the maximum number of pluses, questions from the comments on this publication. If there are no winners, we will definitely ask the five very first ones.

We plan to make meetings with scientists and engineers who have influenced the history of IT in Eastern Europe a permanent area of ​​work for the DataArt IT Museum.

The lecture is free, for participation it is enough to register here.

Andrei Terekhov gives a lecture at Matemekh LSU, 1980s.

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