Data Fest 2020 – fully online tomorrow

Data Fest will take place online this year on September 19 and 20, 2020. The festival is organized by the Open Data Science community and, as usual, will bring together researchers, engineers and developers in the field of data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

check in… Well, then to the details.

This year’s events affect not only people and the economy, but also the organization of events. Therefore, Data Fest this time turns into a 2-day global free fest, held in the format of an online conference. It is definitely worth joining, you will have a unique opportunity to communicate with the teams of Megafon, McKinsey, Huawei, Yandex, with top organizers from and other tech professionals from around the world from the comfort of your couch.

In 2019 we were going to sites in cities such as: Minsk, Odessa, Novosibirsk and even, for a minute, in Dubai. Over the past year, we sent out thousands of invites to our events, but Data Fest 2020 will bring us online for the first time.

Program and tracks

Data Fest 2020 is a global online event consisting of 5 thematic blocks. Dozens of performances will be available for participants, some of which will take place in parallel. Additionally, more than a third of all festival content will be available in English. So let’s meet this weekend to discuss hot topics:

  • Businesses are important topics from the business side.
  • Industries – the use of DS / ML in the industry.
  • Engineering – technical sections about applied methods and how it works.
  • Sciences – scientific sections on current and hot topics.
  • Communities – the life of the community and professionals.

Ps All reports on topics are formed into tracks, which in turn consist of video reports, practical assignments and articles. It is important that all tracks go down in history forever, forming a knowledge base for the next generations of data Scientists.

But you can see how Data Fests were held in the past and get inspired for the future. here

Main activities

Despite the new format of the festival, we tried to preserve the main goals and values ​​of the event. We leave networking and the opportunity to listen to the DS community reports and transfer them to online mode:

  • Livestream conference on youtube: section speakers, conversations with Alexey Natekin, founder of, inclusions from different cities, diluted with pacifying forest landscapes (with llamas and deer (and this is not a joke));
  • Networking in Spatial Chat: format as close as possible to an offline conference. In the room, you can conduct several conversations in parallel, joining the one that is most interesting (or where they will take).

Everything seems to be the same. Now let’s deal with access.

Anyone can watch the live broadcast of the fest, just connect on September 19 and 20 to the broadcast on link, which will be available on the site. But to get into networking rooms, you need check in (yes, it is required). The rooms will be grouped according to existing tracks, there are about 35 of them.

Well, if you still doubt whether you need to participate in Data Fest 2020, then here are a couple of good reasons for you:

  • Rate the new format: Perhaps, there has never been such a large-scale online event in the field of Data Science.
  • Listen to speakers: among them were announced Alexey Natekin – founder of the community, organizer of Data Fest, Valery Babushkin – head of data development at X5 Retail Group, Mikhail Rozhkov – founder of online courses in experiment management and machine learning design, Askhat Urazbayev – managing partner at ScrumTrek, Pavel Pleskov – digital nomad, data scientist at startup Praxis Pioneering, Eghbal Rahimikia – Ph.D. Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, Ser-Huang Poon – professor at the University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School and that’s not all.
  • Learn new on ML, Big Data, Quantum Computing, Computer Vision, Antifraud / Antispam Industry, Mathematical Optimization of ML Problems, ML Repa, and much more. Complete list of tracks on website
  • Chat with DS teams Megaphone, McKinsey, Huawei, Yandex
  • Network, train soft skills and listen to how a career in Data Science is being built

But what remains unchanged – Data Fest, is still a global world event. And it is not just words. Join us!

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