DartUP 2020: results and video recordings of reports

DartUP 2020 is dead! For two days we listened to talks about Dart and Flutter, played Code Kombat and Bugz Arena, and talked with participants and speakers in SpatialChat. The result was no less atmospheric than offline. In this article we will summarize the results of the conference and share with you video recordings of reports in Russian and English.

Some numbers about DartUP 2020:

  • 2 days, 10 hours of reports and activities
  • 29 speakers
  • 2,200 registered for the conference
  • 2 500 unique viewers on Youtube

Top 3 reports in Russian according to participants’ ratings

Vyacheslav Egorov, Google – 10 years of Dart


Mikhail Zotiev, Artyom Zaitsev, Surf – Flutter under the hood


Sveta Krivosheeva, Effective – I’m not an artist, I only program


Top 3 reports in English according to participants’ ratings

Efthymis Sarbanis – Feature isolation in Flutter

Michael Thomsen, Google – Dart non-nullablity in action

Rafał Ślósarz – Slivers and Boxes – How Scrolling Works


Video recordings of all reports with links to presentations, see in a playlist on Youtube

If you would like to return to DartUP for a while, check out our small “Photo report” from illustrator Sofia Miroedova… This is what the conference would look like if it was offline.

All materials (illustrations, links to videos and descriptions of reports) you can always find on the official DartUP website

Join the Russian-speaking community Dart & Flutter in Telegram and Slack channel, where you can also continue to communicate and ask questions from the community.

Thank you for being with us these two days! Hope to see you next year.

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