DartUP 2020: Dart VM Architecture, Non-nullability in Action and Flutter for Business

Already on December 4 and 5, DartUP – conference on Dart and Flutter in Russian and English. Usually at this time, we look at the site, print stickers and stock boxes with freshly made Dart beer in the office. But this year things will be different. Under the cut, we talk about the topics of reports, speakers and online activities that await us at DartUP 2020.


Slava Egorov Is a Dart VM developer from Google who has been working with Dart for 10 years. Slava will talk about the Dart Virtual Machine architecture and its evolution during the development of the language. Hardcore talk with tons of code examples.

Michael Thomsen, Product Manager for Dart from Google, will host a live coding session on “Dart non-nullability in action.” The Dart team recently released null-safety – one of the most important releases since the second version. During his speech, Michael will answer one of the main questions of the community: how to transfer real projects to the major version.

Together with Filip hracek, DevRel Flutter and Dart from Google, we decided to prepare not an ordinary report, but a fun interactive one. Therefore, we declare competition “Cracking up Flutter”: send yours to wriketechclub@team.wrike.com Codepen with any Flutter application that doesn’t work due to an error in one line of code, and the correct answer. Write “Cracking up Flutter” in the subject line.

We will show your submissions to Philip during his speech, and in a limited period of time he will try to figure it out and find the place where the error is hiding. Join the chat during the broadcast to help Philip in the process! We will give a prize to the contestant who hides the error so masterfully that Philip cannot find it.

At the round table “Flutter for Business” Boris Goryachev (CTO at Meduza), Gennady Evstratov (Head of iOS in Yandex.Taxi) and Alexander Denisov (Co-Head of Flutter Competency at EPAM) will argue about how to sell Flutter to businesses and answer the three most common questions: “What if Google decides to close Flutter in a year?”, “Where to find developers?” and “What prospects does Flutter have?”

Kevin Segaud – Dart and Flutter GDE, which already performed at DartUP last year. This time Kevin will talk about an interesting and fairly new topic for the community – Dart FFI. There will be a little theory and a lot of practice: Kevin will show in real time how to use Dart in conjunction with C code and talk about the pros and cons of this approach.

Andrey Smirnov Wrike knows almost everything about widgets. At the last conference, Andrey talked about working with graphics, and this year he will dive into the Flutter Engine device, talk about the Rendering Pipeline, Constraints and how to use these tools in practice.

Kirill Bubochkin from the Czech company Mews will share his experience of using Flutter in production: the team rewrote their large B2B application on Flutter a year ago. At DartUP 2020, Kirill will talk about architectural approaches and useful libraries.

Thomas Burkhart will speak on a topic that is rarely met at Flutter conferences. Thomas will talk about RVMS – a practical architecture for Flutter applications, will share his experience and the latest developments.

Report Efthymis Sarbanis (Athens Flutter) will go cool in combination with Thomas’ previous talk. Efthymis – Dart and Flutter GDE and host of the Flutter Greek Community. In his talk, he will talk about isolating features in Flutter and using the principles of Domain-Driven Design and SOLID.

Interacting with maps is required in many applications. Alisa Tsvetkova from HIQ will analyze the map libraries for Flutter, tell you about the pitfalls when working with them and how to build the interaction of your application with maps.

Lesha Sharov from Wrike is preparing a talk on neural networks on Dart. During Lesha’s speech, we will talk about what the simplest neural networks are and whether Dart can be used to write them. There will also be a few working examples.

Lesha also used neural networks to create Bugz – an online game in which teams of bug bots, controlled by the generated genocode, will fight against each other or against Wrike bugs. We will send the rules of the game and a link to everyone who registered for the conference.

Fans of hardcore topics will especially like the talk Mikhail Zotiev from Surf on the internals of Flutter: Rendering device, widget rendering and other aspects of the framework. It will be useful for both beginners and those who want to better understand the internal structure of Flutter.

Alexander Denisov from EPAM will talk about Navigator 2.0, which appeared in Flutter relatively recently. Sasha will tell you why they dragged him into the project, what difficulties they encountered in the process and what happened in the end.

Vladimir Ivanov from EPAM will talk about the pixel perfect layout problem, long feedback loop on the design and how the Flutter Figma Preview tool can help in this situation. Pavel Martynov from QuantumArt – about design and development features of Flutter applications for AR devices. Andrey Skalkin from Datagrok will share his experience of building a high-performance web application on Dart.

This is not a complete list of topics that we will talk about at the conference. For more information about speakers, reports and the program (which we will publish very soon), see dartup.ru

Networking and online activities

Participants (and we too!) Love DartUP not only for relevant and useful reports, but also for the informal atmosphere and the opportunity to communicate with the community.

Yes, it is not so easy to implement it online, but we tried to prepare cool online activities so that each participant had the opportunity to relax and communicate in virtual corridors.

All informal networking and Q&A sessions will take place in SpatialChat. There, speakers and experts from Wrike and Surf will answer any questions from participants about Dart and Flutter. Prepare your hard cases and come with the code. The guys from Surf announced a collection of ideas and developer pains for Open Source. And also experts from the team will conduct code reviews of your repositories live. All the details – by this link

Until then, join Slack channel, in which we will post announcements during the conference, answer questions and communicate informally.

Register on DartUP before December 4, prepare questions for speakers and a code for review. The day before the conference, we will send you email links to broadcasts and activities. See you in December!

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