Creepy IT stories

Bugaga, Khabrovites! Surely you or your colleagues have had trashy situations at work that you still remember with a chill? Are you ready to tickle your nerves? Then stop by to read the stories sent in by our students and teachers on the occasion of All Saints Day.

“At the dawn of my working career, I was doing freelance. I got a server of a small web studio with some kind of server control panel. It could contain virtual hosts, FTP accounts, mail, etc. etc.

One languid evening they write to me that the server is running out. I’m checking, and it’s true. I start to investigate and find that there is a trash can in the panel, in which quite a lot of garbage has accumulated. Here, I think, great, I’ll clean it up now, and then I’ll take a closer look.
I pressed the button to empty the trash … and … began to realize that not only “remote” sites were being cleaned, but also quite working ones, along with backups.

The moral is simple. Make backups to third place. Always. Every time you want to clean something from the basket. ” – underadmin

“Once a friend suggested to me, an absolute user, to master jumla. And he even sent all sorts of materials on this topic. Although we are still friends, somewhere in the depths of our souls there is a scar … “- Vadim

“One dark, dark night, designer Vlad drew an app. And there was a dark feature in this application. When Vlad conducted a demo to the team, everyone was horrified that this feature was as dark as the soul of the devil. All the developers were shaking with fear, and the PM even started adjusting the Gantt chart when the demo finished.

After 3 months of work, the team released the project. But when Vlad decided to see how the dark feature works, it was not there! The designer frantically wiped the sweat from his forehead and went to the developers. The whole team is at a loss, the PM is terrified. We decided to fix the situation all night.
Morning, cleaning lady Olga Leonidovna was surprised that the door to the office was not closed, and there was no one inside!

Since then, no one has seen the team, Vlad and his dark feature. ” – Dark feature

“Once Mikhail Nikiforovich saw a red ticket and decided to fix it. He fixed it quickly and pressed the “close” button. I updated the page, but here’s the thing – the ticket was still red and seemed to have become larger: the discussion grew, and several links to other reports appeared. Mikhail Nikiforovich strained himself, fixed it for several hours, fixed everything.

After making sure that all tests passed, he closed the ticket with satisfaction. And right there, before our very eyes, the ticket became even redder and bigger! At this point Mikhail Nikiforovich woke up from the alarm clock. What a high school labor teacher will not dream about before the working week. “

“We had a project and a small team of two. I am a senior, my colleague was kind of a subordinate. Once it was necessary to conduct an intermediate demo for a customer, a project from the military sphere. Colleagues from Moscow came to our office. The deadlines were burning and we both finished each of our features, which slightly overlapped. And then day X came. But everyone seemed to be in time, we did not have a tester and full testing was not carried out. Everyone is on trust, everyone is responsible for their area. The horror began in the morning. My colleague did not come to work, the phone did not answer. As it turned out, his feature contains critical bugs that affect the main functionality of the system. He didn’t manage to fix these bugs and just decided to lay low.

I looked like a complete idiot that day, but that incident taught me a lot: you need to trust your colleagues, but you cannot depend. People are capable of behaving unpredictably, so everything must be under control. And my colleague showed up at work after 3 days. He said he was poisoned … but we worked together for a short time. “

“A story for children of a project manager. Once the team leader instructed the senior to fix the race condition of the Database Adapter in the project. Race conditioning occurred almost every third request, so it was urgent to solve it. Poestimated the team lead fix for this condition at 160 hours and says, “Well, the problem is technically very difficult, and it’s not at all clear whether it will ever be solved. But maybe it will be solved in a week! ” Well, the project manager scratched the back of his head, thought that he would have to take as many as five thousand greens from the customer for this, and decided that there was nothing to be afraid of, the developers would take it out, fix everything.

– Sold, do it.

And the lord nicherta didn’t manage to do it in a month. “

“One dark dark night I had to make changes to the prod. server. Nothing boded trouble: the nginx config failed. Just delete the garbage config, what could be easier? I went to the configs directory. Breathe in. rm -rf ./site.conf /
Exhalation.” – Dot

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