Creation and promotion of MidPad in the App Store for dummies. Part One – The Idea

Hello everyone, my name is Denis! My first public experience of developing a project in the App Store. I’ll tell you what difficulties you can face at different stages. If I’m not going to be lazy, then I’ll try to tell you about all the processes “From idea to application development and development”. All future updates are free, without investors and budget, except for my brains and talent! For me, this is an experiment. Join now!

Idea / competitors

Why did the choice fall on To Do? The very concept of notes / To Do apps is that designers want to increase a lot of art designs (you can get confused in them), functionality … I downloaded more than 20+ projects, I liked 2 of them, and I won’t tell which ones).

First prototype in the App Store

I posted a To Do prototype in the Store for Developer to learn (how to work with it). I don’t consider myself some kind of designer, I think the first prototype is cute (I attach screenshots of the layout). Friends wrote to me that on some iPhones the height of the buttons is not correctly selected (I like to customize), you can’t close the keyboard by area … And then I ran into another problem – support! In version 2.0 it was added, but some people wrote it personally. It’s a shame.

Version 2.0

In this version, I switched to a classic white design, I plan to switch to a dark theme so that the user chooses on his own (regardless of the theme itself on the iPhone). I do not want to switch to a custom background, as other designers do. The concept that I adhere to consists of 3 points:

  1. Design minimalism

  2. Useful – articles / quotes. For variety and inspiration

  3. Convenience and speed. On the road? Got a new idea? Made voice input on Apple Watch, displayed on all Apple devices under one account

Statistics for 90 days

From March 29 - June 26, 2023

From March 29 – June 26, 2023

While all. I will definitely tell you more about the essence of the application in the following publications. I would be very grateful for any ideas!

Link to midpad

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