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Hello! We introduce you to the Canadian manufacturer of 3D scanners and measuring systems. Creaform is known in the 3D digital technology market as an upscale manufacturer whose equipment is used by various industries around the world.


  • About the manufacturer
  • Range
  • HandySCAN 3D
  • GO! SCAN 3D
  • MetraSCAN 3D
  • HandyPROBE Next
  • CUBE-R
  • MaxSHOT 3D
  • VXelements Software
  • Examples of equipment use
  • Zeel Design: Harley-Davidson Retrofit
  • Tianwei New Energy: Quality Control Using Photogrammetry
  • Alphacasting: quality control of parts in the aerospace industry
  • Summary

About the manufacturer

Created in 2002, the small Canadian company Creaform has become one of the leading players in the global market for portable 3D scanners with offices in Eurasia and America. The company specializes in equipment for the manufacturing industry, which allows to increase the productivity of enterprises.


HandySCAN Black Elite


HandySCAN Black Elite is the 3rd modified line of the most popular Creaform hand scanner. HandySCAN is well known in the market as a reliable instrument for accurate metrological measurements. It is used in reverse engineering, quality control, prototyping. See details for website.



Thanks to its high resolution and level of detail, full-color scanning, Go! SCAN accurately conveys the texture and shape of objects. According to the manufacturer, this is the fastest and most comfortable model in the Creaform range. The device copes with the work in the field of reverse engineering, computer design, modeling and many other tasks.

Here Go! SCAN 3D specifications are presented in detail.

MetraScan 750 Elite


MetraSCAN 750 Elite – Designed for measuring work in production. The vibration-proof housing of the device prevents the impact of the external environment, which is inevitable in enterprises and workshops.

Scanners Metrascan can integrate into automated metrological installations and work in conjunction with a robotic arm. About parameters and areas of use of MetraSCAN 3D you can read on our blog.

HandyPROBE Next Elite


Creaform Handy PROBE NEXT is a mobile measuring device used instead of large coordinate measuring machines. The equipment scans products of a simple form and saves data for work in computer-aided design systems. A special probe measures part parameters in areas with difficult access.

Details for the link.


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CUBE-R is an automatic quality control system characterized by high reliability and performance. The complex includes a 3D-scanner MetraSCAN and a robotic arm. CUBE-R integrates into automation systems. The system is designed as a modern alternative to the previous generation KIM (coordinate measuring machines).



The Creaform MaxSHOT photogrammetric device is designed for quality control and high-precision measuring work with large objects ranging in size from 200 to 1000 cm. The scanner is simple to use: to obtain the result, place marks and take several pictures from different sides of the object.

The advantage of MaxSHOT 3D is that feedback is automatically established before the measurement starts, which eliminates the risk of incorrect shooting. More details.

VXelements Software


Creaform VXelements is a comprehensive software solution for integrating three-dimensional technologies into production processes. The software consists of 2 modules supported by all devices of the manufacturer’s model range.

VXmodel module – designed for design work, allows you to transform the resulting image into computer-aided design (CAD) files.

The VXinspect module was created for quality control: data processing, calculation of tolerances. The software allows you to analyze a large amount of information in a short time.

Examples of equipment use

Zeel Design: Harley-Davidson Upgrade

The design and consulting company Zeel Design designs and manufactures vehicles and spare parts for them, and provides restyling services. The company works with products of several manufacturers, drawings of original products are the property of these companies and are not provided to owners. Zeel Design required high-precision, high-speed reverse engineering technology to increase productivity.


The company contacted the owner of the motorcycle Harley-Davidson. The task was to establish a wider rear wheel. To solve it was necessary to make changes to the design of the rear of the motorcycle.



For easy access to details, the rear of the motorcycle was disassembled. Then scanned the necessary nodes and connections. As a result, engineers created a new design that allows you to install a larger wheel on Harley.


Zeel Design greatly simplified the work of its engineers and saved time. Given the complex geometric shape of the motorcycle chassis, traditional design methods would be very difficult. Using HandySCAN 3D allowed the company to complete in 1 hour work that previously took more than 10 hours.

Tianwei new energy: Quality Control Using Photogrammetry


Tianwei New Energy’s mission is to provide consumers with solar energy. The company develops and markets advanced photovoltaic installations throughout China. Tianwei New Energy has been working on a project worth more than $ 1 billion, covering an area of ​​67 hectares. One of the power plant modules was built in Gansu, partly located in the Gobi Desert, an ideal location for generating solar and wind energy. The development team was faced with the task of conducting test and measurement work at the facility to ensure that the new equipment meets the specified characteristics.


For testing, a group of panels 600 * 1200 cm in size was selected. The measurements were carried out using the Creaform 3D system Maxshott 3D, which provided the necessary data in ten minutes. Energy China was impressed with the speed and accuracy of the measurements obtained with Creaform’s MaxSHOT 3D and VXelements.

Alphacasting: aerospace parts quality control


The Canadian-American company Alphacasting, a recognized world leader in the steel industry, produces innovative materials for various industrial fields, including aerospace and transport.


Creaform has been involved in the design of the Bombardier Global Express Series business jet engine pump components. According to the representative of Alphacasting, the use of HandySCAN 700 allowed the company to reduce development time and make the right decisions based on high-precision scanning data.



Creaform is a reliable manufacturer of metrological equipment, which is widely used around the world for the design, manufacture and quality control of objects.

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