COVID-19 app: detailed analytics in one app

When COVID-19 received pandemic status, many, observing how the virus takes over the world with great strides, were interested in: how and with what progression the disease spreads, what are similar, and how do the disease development scenarios in different countries differ, how do the statistics differ?
Sites appeared providing this data. However, the site is not the most convenient method of obtaining relevant information in the age of mobile technology.

The team of our partner 1C: Rarus set a goal to simplify this task for people.


The team quickly developed an application that, based on data received from Johns Hopkins University and site stopkoronavirus.rf visual and digital displays information on countries and cities of the world that have been affected by the pandemic. The application displays not only the most relevant statistics regarding the disease, but also compares the virus distribution scenarios given in different countries and according to different criteria (for example, for new infections / current patients / mortality) for different periods of time.

Thus, on your mobile device at hand there is a real dashboard that helps you track statistics on the virus.

When trying to publish the proposal, the team received different wordings, but similar in content, from Apple and Google: “Publication of applications containing data on public health is available only to the relevant healthcare or government organizations.”

This application is completely free to use, does not contain in-app purchases, does not require registration and does not collect personal data. It visualizes information from publicly available reliable sources. The developers set themselves the goal of helping users get important data through online access to statistics without the intention of monetizing development.

Now the team continues to search for ways to officially publish the application COVID-19 I Analytical Center on the App Store and Google Play.

Request to the community. If our project seems useful to you and you have the opportunity to help with contacts in government or health organizations that already have accounts in the Apple and Google mobile app stores, please help us establish contact with these organizations.

1C: Rarus is ready to publish the application on their behalf and support it.
Below we provide you with an open link to the assembly of the Android application, which everyone can use to track pandemic statistics today:


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