Correctly programming the subconscious

I chose for a long time whether to start painting everything “from the plinth”, or to obviously assume that the reader is familiar with at least three works:

1. Sergey Viktorovich Kovalev: “Psychotherapy of human life. Fundamentals of integral neuroprogramming.
2. Joe Dispenza: “The power of the subconscious /”.
3. Alexander Lyubimov: “NLP for beginners.”

And I realized that I would go the shortest way. Before presenting my practice, which has already been tested on more than 25 people, I will simply explain the difference between the approaches of these two, without a doubt, the largest specialists (S. Kovalev, D. Dispenza). Without belittling the dignity of A. Lyubimov, we will use NLP exclusively as practical tools.

So: both claim that by the power of our attention we collect our reality – this is quantum physics (the observer effect, you can google it). The difference is that:

S.V. Kovalev says something like this: “Let’s spend a lot more time, structure our powerful subconscious, learn how to set goals for it correctly in the VACD encoding, because it simply doesn’t understand another, and then we’ll just track the results, correct something in time, remove, change or set new goals. And let’s leave the cognitive brain alone and let it do its own daily work and analyze the results of the work of the subconscious.”

D. Dispenza says something like this: “Let’s collect our universe through our cognitive brain, for example, 15 minutes of exercises a day, and by and large we will leave our subconscious mind alone …”.

And here it makes sense to note two facts:
1. Our subconscious mind runs at speeds millions of times faster than our cognitive little brain.
2. And the difference in the sizes of these two interconnected computers is very clearly demonstrated by the following diagram:

Moreover, the connection of our subconscious (then choose the definition yourself) with the collective unconscious, the quantum field, the universe, etc., well, it’s MUCH higher than that of the cognitive part. From which the conclusion follows: years passed, wars, genocide, cataclysms occurred, programs, imprints and others like them formed in the head, body, mental bodies, but no one (well, or extremely rarely) did an upgrade to reality. And it is necessary to change the programs in the head in the subconscious. That’s what this book is about. HOW SPECIFICALLY TO DO THIS IN THE OPTIMAL WAY.

And before we come to the concept of CES (Independent Unit of Consciousness) – the concept that Sergey Viktorovich Kovalev actually introduced, for which I think many generations will be truly grateful to him, I would like to give an example. As they say, there is no better example than from personal experience …

During the period of dispossession, one relative was dragged by the hair into the yard and shot right in front of his wife and children. The child had an imprint (this is something that arises very quickly), and subsequently a stable belief, and a little later CEC (Independent Unit of Consciousness). The belief went something like this: “Having money and property is life-threatening!” And the CEC served the application of this blocking belief in practice, shaping his behavior in such a way that he never really had any money. Well, to survive, at best …

And it worked. He survived. In that environment. But, both through his upbringing and through his field structures, he passed on this “wonderful” conviction and a fully functional CEC to his daughter. Though times have changed. And so this daughter all her life was engaged in the fact that by any means, deceit and fraud, she robbed people of both money and property.

What a life she lived you can imagine. Time has changed, but the program has not. And upon a detailed examination of her psyche, it turned out that she was not trying to rob people, but to save them. And in the end, 10 hours of classes removed both this stable belief and the CEC, which served it. And the man turned from a scoundrel into a good one, and began to live a full-fledged normal life, without fear, theft, lack of family and friends. Everything suddenly “found” from somewhere.

So what are we going to do? First we install 7 eco-friendly (good for you) CECs. In two sittings, first 4 for one session and then 3 for the second. You will spend the next two sessions getting rid of unsustainable SECs, beliefs, imprints and other entities in your head. And the last lesson will learn how to correctly set goals for the subconscious. It’s in that order. No other way.

Why do we create and install 7 CES? Because in the body of any person there are 7 energy centers (chakras).

Each CES will have the possibility of direct energy “feeding” from one of them. But we will divide them not by “location” in your body, but by function.

Here, in general, it is necessary to determine exactly what an Independent Unit of Consciousness actually is. I repeat once again, I discovered and introduced this as a definition of S.V. Kovalev.

CEC is a set of tightly interconnected neurons in our brain with a single purpose and functions. When the number of these neurons reaches a certain sufficiently large number, they begin to behave independently, regardless of your desire. Thereby determining your character, actions and actually life itself.

I want to make a few reservations.

1. Do not think that in two sessions you will be able to remove all non-environmental programs from your subconscious. You will need to do these exercises periodically. For example, every month. There are very stable SECs, especially those received “inheritance”. Sometimes you have to work with them separately, ONLY with them. For example, I personally had such a CES, I called it “The Misanthrope” – it appeared to me in the form of a projection of such a big clown, like those that are sitting at McDonald’s. He didn’t do anything terribly bad, except that he ate my energy, spoiled my relationships with people and constantly “drunk” – “that’s all the goats …”, like that taxi driver from the movie “Brother”. So, it took me 5 sessions to transform it.

2. I was convinced by personal example that children, even after 12 years old and the elderly, SHOULD NOT be administered 7 SES. Maximum 3-4. They simply do not have enough energy to serve all 7. Then each one begins to “eat” from two chakras and there is enough energy. In addition, the implemented SES should be endowed with the functions of non-implemented ones. Simply put, I will not describe it in the format of this material, but will proceed from a mature person, already after puberty, but even before menopause.

What SES will we create:

1. The Higher (True Self) is a kind of prototype of you, how you would like to see yourself, what qualities and functions you would like to have if you were “ideal”.
2. Secretary Referent – this CES will find, collect, provide, update, analyze information for you, other green CES and the True Higher Self, if he needs it. In addition, this SES is a kind of information “broker” that coordinates the implementation of goals, information, workload and energy among themselves, other environmentally friendly SECs.
3. Protector – this SES will deal with both your direct physical protection and self-defense, including the subconscious, timely blocking, followed by the mandatory transformation of non-ecological: SECs, self-destruction programs, imprints, stable and blocking beliefs and other entities.
4. Doctor – This SES will protect and heal you from diseases and infections.
5. Confessor – this CES will be responsible for your most effective, but without fanaticism, spiritual life.
6. Financier – this SES, as the name implies, will provide your financial income, always finance your current life and strategic plans on time, monitor the accuracy of your expenses and settlements with counterparties.
7. Sexologist – this SEC will ensure your sex life and the availability of partners for it. It will also perform an extremely important function – to conduct a direct energy exchange between yourself, other eco-friendly SES and your True Higher Self.

Again, a small lyrical digression. I have been a computer programmer for 20 long years and I know exactly how microsystems in a computer should communicate with each other informationally and energetically. It took me 2.5 years of constant practice on myself in order to unify and optimize this flow exchange scheme in my head as much as possible. This version is already, I don’t want to lie to you, almost 8.0.

Before proceeding directly to the practice, you will have to prepare.
To do this, you need to download the manual at

Or is it available as a blog at

It’s all completely free and without any tricks. In general, I posted it in open access (though I recommend looking at the license section) only because S.V. Kovalev “gave away” his “Psychotherapy of human life. Fundamentals of integral neuroprogramming. Just to improve the life of each individual person. Who wants naturally.

There are only 27 pages in the manual. And you will have to do about 7-8 lessons for an hour and a half.

That’s all. Happy, healthy and efficient life to you and your descendants.

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