Correct salary questionnaire

  1. Before I can enter my salary details, I must register and complete a profile.
  2. There is no easy access to raw anonymized data.
  3. The survey is not anonymous. You are asked about which specific companies you worked for and received that kind of money.

Your own questionnaire with blackjack and anonymity

What are we going to ask:

  1. Base salary per year. In thousands of rubles. Before taxes. Excluding premiums, shares, options.
  2. Bonus / premium per year in thousands of rubles.
  3. Shares / options per year in thousands of rubles.
  4. Region: default city or regions.
  5. Direction / specialization. On the one hand, titles are now countless. On the other hand, I would like to be able to somehow aggregate data. Let’s leave the specialization as a free text field for the most curious, and we will aggregate according to the direction of work. We will divide all developers and their sympathizers into 4 groups: product, systems, infrastructure, business. Product – front / back / full stack for web, desktop, etc. Let it be business programming. Systems are the backing for the product. If you, for example, write your own database or some fashionable dev tools, then you are here. Infra is all about networking, product deployment and monitoring. Business managers, business analysts, etc.
  6. Work experience. Both general and current location.
  7. Work format. In the office or remotely.
  8. What market is the company focused on and its field of activity.
  9. Salary currency.
  10. Method of registration: individual entrepreneur, in the state according to the Labor Code, self-employed.

How are we going to ask?

Google Form without collecting emails. As soon as 100 responses have accumulated, a link to the spreadsheet with the results will be posted in this thread. The spreadsheet will automatically update in real time.

Call to action!

I ask you to fill out a survey and distribute it to colleagues. Everyone will benefit from sharing this information with each other. Including employers who will have an idea of ​​the real state of affairs.

Link to results: TBD.

Those who wish to moderate the final plate from pranksters with salaries of a billion will gladly distribute the necessary permits in a personal.

PS Let’s stay connected! I will be glad to see you in Twitter and LinkedIn

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