Conversational AI Challenge at Junction Hackathon: Create a Chatbot or Voice Skill and Win € 10,000

Participants Europe’s largest hackathon Junction, which will take place this year on November 6-8, is waiting for conversation technology challenge from the IT company Just AI. The main hackathon prize of € 10,000 or € 1,500 from Just AI can be won by the one who offers the most interesting and convenient dialogue solution – a chatbot or a voice skill for a mobile application or smart device. You can take part in the challenge online, or join the offline hub in St. Petersburg, which will be opened on the territory of the Just AI office.

Voice assistants, conversational smart devices and chatbots are no surprise today. But when is the conversational interface used for hype, and when is it really user-friendly? Participants in the MAKE CONVERSATIONAL AI WORK Challenge at Junction will be looking for an answer to this question.

Do: Hack Conversational UX

Come up with a chatbot or a voice service (a skill for a smart speaker, a voice interface for a mobile application) that will be convenient to use and can bring obvious benefits to the user: it will help out when your hands are busy, help you navigate the application, save time, entertain, provide support, and so on Further.

Development conditions: using an open source framework

Just AI, the official hackathon partner and challenge curator, invites participants to use an open source framework to create a conversational UX JAICF based on Kotlin. It can be used to add voice navigation to an Android application, create a smart bot for a website / messenger, or a skill for one of the voice assistants. JAICF enables transparent dialog management, provides access to NLU services and libraries.

A bit of cheating for bounty hunters

If a participant needs more functionality to implement a grand idea, he can also use additional tools:

  • Aimybox SDK for seamless integration of a voice assistant.

  • Dialogue platform JAICP as a cloud deployment environment – to save time on integrations, access NLU services, and debug tools for your JAICF project.


Participants who create an effective and truly useful conversational solution will receive:

Winner – € 1,500 from Just AI

Runner-up – Annual Subscription to JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, Just AI Aimylogic and Just AI JAICP

Third Place – Annual Subscription for Just AI Aimylogic and JAICP Products

At the same time, all participants have a chance to win the main prize of the Junction hackathon – € 10,000! You just have to win the jury 😉

More information about participation can be found at challenge website and Hackathon Junction website

Applications for participation in the MAKE CONVERSATIONAL AI WORK challenge are accepted until October 16.

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