Conversation with the cart. Yandex.Alisa and Telegram

AlicaTalkBot publishes in Telegram texts of phrases dictated by the Yandex.Alice voice assistant and sends responses from Telegram to Alice. From Alice’s side, this bot looks like Alice’s skill “Talking with a cart”

In the Telegram bot, you need to set a “passphrase” for your Telegram account. This phrase is the connecting key for sending the text dictated to Alice exactly to your Telegram account.

After that, you need to activate Alice’s “cart talk” skill on any device where this voice assistant is available. This can be done with voice commands.

  • “Alice, start the conversation with the cart”

  • “Alice, let’s play cart talk”

When the skill starts, it will ask you for a passphrase for the Teltgram account you want to start a session with.

You can also start a communication session with a single voice command, which activates the skill and creates a connection to your Telegram account:

“Alice, ask to talk to the cart your-passphrase.”

By default, phrases dictated to Alice appear in a private chat with AlicaTalkBot. In the Telegram bot, you can configure the redirection of these phrases to any Telegram group chat where AlicaTalkBot participates.

In Telegram, you can reply to Alice’s published phrases with quotes. In this case, Alice will dictate the text of your response at the next request from the Yandex user Alice. Those. in order for Alice to dictate the text of the answer from Telegram to you, you need to constantly ask her again 🙂

This is inconvenient, but this is Alice’s limitation, the skill cannot force Alice to say something on her own initiative, only in response to the user’s request.

I did not touch the bot code for a year and a half or two, perhaps now the situation in this matter has changed. Write in the comments if so.

To end a communication session, one of the parties must “hang up”. From Alice’s side, this can be done with the voice command “end the conversation”, and from the Telegram side – with a special menu button in a private chat with AlicaTalkBot. If this is not done, then when trying to start a communication session, Alice will report that “the subscriber is busy”.

There are also problems with key phrases that contain numbers. For a bot, the phrases “2 hares” and “two hares” are different, while for Alice they are pronounced the same. The easiest way to check what text Alice sends to the bot in the cart is to say this phrase to Alice in the Yandex browser (for example). Then copy the resulting text into the bot’s cart.

You can share your passphrase with your friends so they can also chat with you on Telegram through Alice.

Initially, the bot was made to have a backup communication channel with the daughter in case you need to send an SOS signal, and the phone is unavailable for some reason. Alice is now available in many public places.

Thank you for your attention.

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