Conscious drinking of water

It is important to remember here that the body needs not only water, but also salts in the correct proportion. Water, passing through the body, takes salt with it. By itself, however, it is a dubious source of trace elements – especially in regions with low salinity of tap water. You can get the right doses of salts from food or special preparations (complex supplements, “sports” drinks or the same rehydron). But it is necessary to take into account the balance of these salts and the balance of the liquid in combination.

At the same time, a universal rule that would work for everyone cannot be deduced – someone drinks liters of pure water, loading the body with intense training, while someone, on the contrary, consumes a lot of salty foods, but drinks little. Both described cases are a shift in the water-salt balance, but it must be “treated” in different ways.

By the way, some of our colleagues use specialized water (with minerals). This is table or medicinal water, when taken orally, certain rules should be followed and not exceed the required rate. The exact dosage and method of treatment can only be determined by a doctor, so you should seek the advice of a professional.

How to put it into practice

As with exercising, the easiest way is to make drinking water a habit. But you need to approach this consciously – analyze how you already use water, and also find out if there is a lack or excess. Next you can:

  • mentally “tie” a glass of water to the morning rise or the evening ritual of going to bed;

  • put yourself a glass or bottle of water on your desktop;

  • install an application that will remind you to drink water.

Only when developing a habit it is necessary to take into account the daily routine. Drinking a lot of water at once just before or during physical activity is not useful (it is necessary to compensate for the wasted fluid a little bit, trying not to “hit” the body with a temperature difference). And large volumes of liquid at night will naturally interfere with sleep.

Be healthy!

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