Conference: New Opportunities for Hosting Providers

The hosting industry is booming in value-added services
The hosting industry is seeing explosive growth in value-added services

Hello, Habr! Just the other day, on June 23, a virtual conference will be held dedicated to the expansion of services of hosting companies. The webinar will be held with the participation of representatives of hosting companies and experts from vendors under the supervision of the world famous conference organizer CloudFest. Using specific examples, we will discuss the models for expanding the service business of hosting companies and will try to draw up a checklist of potential opportunities for the development of additional services.

Many people say that the business of hosting companies is becoming mature, profits are not so great, tariffs have leveled off, and so on. But if we turn to the numbers, it turns out that the global hosting market in 2020 showed a profit of $ 75 billion – and this with a slight decrease in turnover in the pandemic. It is showing growth again in 2021, and Fortune Business Insights predicts it could reach $ 267 billion by 2028.

But there is one problem: globally, a good third of the market for this Host Advice belongs to such players as GoDaddy, Google Cloud, 1 & 1 IONOS, AWS and And every hosting provider that is not included in this galaxy of market dominators has the task of somehow differentiating itself against the background of other players, getting a part of the growing business that will be associated with hosting in the coming years.

But how to do that? Which strategy should you choose? Where can I get additional margin? How to retain customers? We will ask experts to answer these and other questions. at the event on June 23

Real examples

The virtual conference will consider real cases of additional services from hosting companies, as well as strategies for developing the service component using the example of using Acronis and Virtuozzo products. At the same time, the conference will have a strategic focus, and our solutions, as well as the proposals of our colleagues from Virtuozzo, will be considered as a reference to the checklist of actions to expand the hosting business.

During the conference, hosters will also tell you how they added the Disaster Recovery service to their portfolio of offerings, as well as advanced data protection practices. At the same time, we will try to ask them about how the companies managed to improve their SLA, how the software costs and additional income from customer subscription to additional services compare.

The speakers will share their best practice on the implementation of integrated virtualization and cyber defense systems, as well as methods of support and scaling of such services.

Conference participants

The Acronis conference will feature hosting entrepreneurs who have experience expanding their offerings with value-added services, as well as industry experts.

Virtual conference speakers
Virtual conference speakers

The virtual event will be coordinated by Soeren von Varchmin, Advisor to Acronis, whose name is most often heard at annual industry conferences CloudFest – in the past, Soren was the CEO of the organizing company, and today remains the chairman of the board of directors. Mr. Farkhmin will discuss with the conference participants the issues of organizing additional services, and will also sum up the results of the event.

The panelists will include two examples of successful hosters, as well as two industry experts:

  • Christian Schneider is senior vice president of products at Strato AG, a Berlin-based hosting company with over two million customers in Germany and the Netherlands. Christian has been in this field for over 14 years, and most of that time he has been focusing on products at Strato.

  • Joe Morgan, CEO of Joe’s Data Center in Kansas, Missouri. The company provides hosting, co-location and value-added services, it was founded in 2007 and has significantly expanded its business over the years.

  • Maik Broemme, Senior Product Manager at Virtuozzo. He has over 19 years of experience in hosting solutions companies including Acronis, Odin and Parallels, mainly in the positions of Solution Architect and Program Manager.

  • Stephen Nichols, Solution Engineering Team Leader at Acronis. Stephen has been in the hosting industry for 23 years and has held positions at such companies as Virtuozzo and Odin, in areas such as sales and engineering, partner relations, professional services and consulting.

During the event, Soren will lead a discussion, discussing the following issues with entrepreneurs and experts:

  • What services can you expand hosting to increase your revenue stream?

  • How do you price, bundle, and promote these new services?

  • How can Ransomware and Supply chain attacks affect businesses, and how can these threats be turned into service business opportunities?

  • Can data protection, including backup and disaster recovery systems, be made a new source of revenue?

  • How can you use automation, integration, and other optimization strategies to improve workforce productivity and reduce costs?

In addition, during the event, a session of answers and questions is provided. Therefore, you will be able to find out the opinion of experts on the problems and tasks that interest you.

The event will take place at the interface between IT and business, and the main purpose of the discussion is to draw up a plan to increase profits and introduce new services for service providers. If you or your managers find this format useful, register now! The virtual event will take place in English on June 23, 2021 at 6:00 PM CEST (5:00 PM CEST). You can register for the event here

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