Conference Conversations: Conversational AI tools and cases from DeepPavlov, SberDevices, CoolGames and more

4 december – completely online for the first time! – will pass Conversations, the premier conference on conversational artificial intelligence technologies for developers and businesses. The Business and Technology streams will feature experts from SberDevices, CoolGames, Alfa-Bank, Just AI, Rabota.Ru, Viber, Qiwi, DeepPavlov, DoDo Pizza and other industry leaders.

How (and why!) To develop voice services for smart screens? What are the benefits of the GPT-3 language model for conversational UI? How do I use OneDash analytics in chatbots? How can a voice assistant enrich the gaming experience – for example, in Dota 2? In general, join the stream!

By the way, one online ticket gives you access to both the Business stream and the Technology stream! We tell you not to miss both of them.

Speech technologies: platforms and solutions

  • From GPT-2 to GPT-3: What language models learn as they grow up. Vitaly Gorbachev, Just AI

  • Development of visual interaction with a virtual assistant. Vitaly Rakitin, SberDevices

  • How to Transform a Research Project from the Amazon Alexa Prize to an Open-Source AI Assistant Distribution. DAnila Kornev, DeepPavlov

Voice assistants and where to find them

  • Building immersive games and experiences for smart displays. Laurence Rutten, GoolGames

  • A million users in 15 days: how a proactive voice assistant changed the gaming experience and helped to increase the company’s audience by 5 times. Dmitry Savostyanov,

  • Turnkey voice assistant or inhouse product development features. Ilya Shchirov, Raiffeisenbank

Chatbots and assistants: PRO level

  • How we made the first line of support chatbot using OneDash analytics. Sergey Afanasyev, EORA

  • The ecosystem of AI communications in fintech: from chatbots on the website to predictive scripts in voice. Timur Vaisman, Qiwi

  • Online cinema technical support chatbot as a full-fledged call center replacement. Bohdan Burkovsky, VipPlay

More names and topics – on the site Conversations!

The program also includes analytics and trends in the conversational AI market, demos of smart devices, life hacks for the development of conversational interfaces and voice games, pitching ideas and producing AI projects, and much more.

And participants in the Technology stream will also have an exciting demo on the capabilities of the JAICF open source framework from Just AI for developing conversational interfaces in Kotlin (static typing and the richness of the JVM ecosystem, open source code, modular architecture, hosting for JAICF bots, and much more).

One ticket – two streams, access to the networking application and all conference materials! Join us!

Tickets to… And you can follow the news in the official telegram channel Conversations

And here’s how the conference went in 2019:

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